Corporate document management

In the modern office, the Document Management System (DMS) is a fundamental part of process optimization. This, together with the use of electronic signatures, reduces the use of paper and simplifies the document workflow in a secure way.

In this article we explain the importance of document management for companies and the benefits offered by our electronic signature tool

The importance of corporate document management

Companies are constantly generating new data and information as a result of all the operations they perform. All this translates into mountains of documents, making it a challenge to have an optimal organization system to manage them in an efficient, secure and simple way.

Here are some of the benefits of incorporating enterprise document management systems:

  • Supports digital document management from a single platform
  • Effectiveness and efficiency in the search and retrieval of digital documents. Fast, safe and orderly access to the company’s information, reducing information search and response times.
  • Minimizing manual tasks so that employees can spend more time on useful business activities
  • Reduce storage space and processing costs with automatic file shredding
  • Compliance with various security regulations, for example, they are already designed for compliance with the LOPD
  • Enormous contribution to mobility, as information is stored centrally, allowing you to work with documents remotely from anywhere and at any time.
Employee using an enterprise document manager

Corporate document management in each department

There are practically most areas of the business organization that can benefit from the installation of a document management system in their regular tasks.

We can start this tour in the sales and commercial department, where we work daily with reports on current and potential customers, sales contracts, complaints, returns, purchase histories, etc.

On the other hand, we have the marketing department. There we can find market research, advertising campaign statistics, website and social network analytics, contracts with the media or with companies with which services are outsourced, etc.

In the accounting and finance department we usually come across documents such as payment orders, those related to bank loans, balance sheets, income, expenses, budgets, procedures with the tax authorities and all kinds of economic information.

Document managers together with digital signature tools allow you to speed up the closing of agreements regardless of the size of the company or its main activity, improving the management of your operations.

Athento, document manager with Viafirma integrated

As a result of this mutually beneficial relationship between document managers and digital signature and authentication solutions, a collaboration agreement has been signed between Athento, one of the most complete and advanced document management software in the market, and Viafirma’s electronic signature solution.

Thanks to this relationship, Athento’s users will be able to enjoy all the features that make up Viafirma’s products, being able to manage and sign documents digitally. It is now possible to send documents to be signed from the document manager from anywhere and from any device.

Viafirma to streamline complex signature processes

If your purpose is not to have a document manager, Viafirma has different solutions so you can send and sign documents online, from anywhere. We advise and offer answers to complex scenarios where several signatories are involved, allowing you to manage your contracts comfortably in a 100% legal and reliable way.

Our tools offer endless possibilities to sign documents in a simple and intuitive way, also requiring the incorporation of some kind of electronic evidence (selfie type image, voice or video recording, OTP SMS, etc) to reinforce the security of the signed documents.


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