Augi@s, a pioneering waste management system in E3L

E3L stands for Environmental Electronic Exchange Language and was born out of the need to establish a standard format for the exchange of environmental data between the different autonomous communities. It is a collaborative project, in which the public administrations involved reach a consensus on the information flows and translate them into a common language with rules defined and accepted by all. E3L provides not only the rules for communicating technological platforms, but also the first electronic dictionary of environmental data (metadata). E3L covers for example the telematic submission of the Annual Report of Waste Managers, the Annual Declaration of Waste Producers, the Waste Control and Monitoring Documents, etc. For more information on this project, please visit the project portals:


The Environment Council of the Regional Government of Andalusia has made a strong commitment to the initiative and as a result trusted VIAVANSI to build Augi@s, a pioneering integrated waste management system that speaks E3L. Augi@s allows to complete the cycle of a document from its creation to its presentation and signature. The system has been designed to speak E3L language; therefore, the project team, made up of personnel from the Regional Ministry of the Environment and VIAVANSI, has participated in the definition of the standard during its development. This is finally a guarantee for the future of the data format managed by Augi@s. The application is designed with the maximum possible flexibility, externalizing the management of the E3L format in an independent API, allowing to adapt to changes in the format in a short time, or to integrate new elements such as the services published in E3S, which are already in the testing phase in Augias. Considering the acceptance of the E3L format at national level and the possibility of exporting this format to other EU countries, we can say that the Augi@s platform is in a privileged position for the future and once again demonstrates that, contrary to what is assumed in various circles of opinion, Andalusia tends to lead innovation in many technological projects at national level.


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