Viafirma 2.5 – Support for PHP

In the next days we will release Viafirma’s new version 2.5, mainly characterized by PHP support and improvements in the OpenID service provider. There were constant requests and queries received from customers in which they needed an authentication based on the use of eID from public or restricted portals (intranet) developed in PHP.

With this new version, and with the use of the new client developed for PHP, integrators will be able to incorporate in their portals the Authentication services using the DNIe and, of course, the rest of the Digital Certificates that we were already supporting.

At home we are already benefiting from this new version, integrating our Moodle (e-learning for internal use) and Drupal (cms) platforms with Viafirma to authenticate with the eID. Other specific PHP developments, such as TimeTracker (time allocation control), have also been integrated to allow access through eID.


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