All you need to know about biometric signatures

Are you familiar with the biometric signature? In today’s world, fostering a digital culture in a company is essential for any process. To do this, a correct digital transformation will help us protect our entity and automate processes.

Biometric signatures provide a way of signing remotely without the need of digital certificates, allowing users to sign anything, anywhere at anytime.

Here’s all you need to know about the biometric signature!

What are biometric signatures?

The biometric signature is an authentication method that uses the dynamics of a person’s handwritten signature. The pen pressure and duration of the signing process is done with a stylus on a touchscreen or digital-based pen tablet. is able to

It collects a wealth of biometric data to uniquely identify the signer and has the same validity than the traditional wet signature

A solution with no need for digital certificates

eSignatures are used by Public Administrations, companies and even ordinary citizens. However, very few have certificates to sign documents or for authentication, since their use requires some kind of device (PC, mobile or tablet) that’s able to store it, so it is somewhat complex to obtain one.

For this reason, biometric signatures offer simpler ways of eSigning that do not require certificates while providing the same level of security and confidentiality.

Biometric signature: suitable for face-to-face operations

This type of eSignature is particulary useful in face-to-face situations when the signer must draw his signature in an electronic document. It is considered advanced electronic signature.

Biometric signature can also be used remotely, but if proper tools aren’t used biometric data will not be collected. In this case we recommend adding some additional evidence such as an SMS shortcode to authenticate the signer.

OTP and biometric signature

Greater legal security that truly makes a difference

The level of security of a biometric signature is based on:

  • Data uniquely linked to the signer
  • Allows to uniquely identify the signer
  • Created with a signature creation device that the signer can use with high level of confidence and under his sole control
  • It is linked to the signed data in a way that any subsequent modification is detectable and can be invalidated.
  • Unique linkage between biometric data and signed document
  • Integrity of the signed data
  • Inability to embed the signature in other documents.
  • Allows biometric verification of the author’s signature

NOTE: Biometric data collected from the signatory will be encrypted at all times and will only be revealed upon request of a judge.

An optimal and accessible solution

Our solutions allow to biometrically validate documents on the go so you will never need to use paper again. They are mostly used by delivery companies to prove delivery of goods or when giving consent to a transaction at the bank.

For remote scenarios we recommend SMS or email OTP eSignature as they can be used from any device anywhere, apart from adding several legal evidence to the signing process (e.g., ID picture, video or audio file, biometric facial recognition, etc).

Hundreds of companies and sectors have already incorporated the biometric signature into their processes, a solution focused on optimization and mobility.


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