Centralized signature certificate

Are you wondering what is the centralized signature certificate? Every day, many companies use different digital certificates to carry out transactions with third parties. But are their certificates protected, and what about the transactions?

In this article we tell you what the centralized signature certificate is, its benefits and how it contributes to the digital transformation of your company.

What is the centralized signature certificate?

It was born with the idea of being able to carry out procedures from anywhere. It uses cloud technology to be stored securely (HSM), so it is hosted, guarded and protected in Viafirma’s servers, allowing its use from a mobile, tablet or PC.

This centralization allows you to collect and access all your certificates easily, quickly and from any place or device.

To access them, security and authentication are essential, so two-factor authentication is required. These identification paths can be:

  • A password
  • A validation code by OTP SMS OTP SMS or email
  • Biometric data that unequivocally identifies the holder (iris, voice, biometric signature, fingerprint, etc.)
Employee using the centralized signature certificate

5 benefits of certificate centralization

Here are some benefits for you to incorporate our cloud tool:

  • 🚀 A new commercial reality. Unnecessary displacements are avoided when carrying out operations, contributing to a more sustainable environment.
  • Save time. Certificates are stored on the same server, thus avoiding multiple copies and installation on each device, facilitating their management.
  • 🔐 More security. Thanks to our strong authentication system and the possibility of verifying the origin of each document, it allows us to identify the user unequivocally.
  • ☁️ Cloud centralization.Digital certificates are securely stored in the cloud
  • 💰 Cost reduction. Thanks to the centralized certificate, costs derived from manual and paper-based processes are avoided, since we can perform digital operations from any device and place.

Control and manage your certificates with Viafirma

The centralized signature is one of the main uses of the digital certificate in the cloud to verify the user’s identity unequivocally from any device. It is used to carry out operations with third parties and sign documents online in a fast, secure and comfortable way.

Viafirma Fortress is a tool able to store, control and delegate the use of digital certificates to third parties. Besides, it can be integrated through API with any of your corporate tools.

Your company’s certificates will be hosted in an ultra-secure cloud and can be used from any device and anywhere, so your employees can carry out online procedures at any time.


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