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Have you heard of centralized signature? The use of corporate tools for any device wherever you are is already a reality in many companies. The digital transformation, accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis, has changed the way most businesses work, so the need to adapt to new situations arises.

In this article we will explain the concept of centralized signature, the main advantages it offers and how you can implement it in your company thanks to Viafirma.

What is centralised signature?

The centralized signature is born with the idea of being able to carry out procedures from anywhere. It takes advantage of cloud technology to store digital certificates in a safe way (on an HSM server) allowing them to be used with the same efficiency from a cell phone, tablet or PC.

Security and authentication is an indispensable element, so in order to access our certificate stored in the cloud, a two-factor authentication is required. These identification ways can be:

  • A password
  • A validation code by SMS or mail
  • Some biometric data that unequivocally identifies the holder (iris, voice, biometric signature, fingerprint, etc)

Is the centralized signature legal?

Let us begin by understanding what the regulations allow us to do, which, by the way, are usually based on international standards replicated in each country. We start with the eIDAS Regulation, the most robust and modern regulatory framework currently existing at European level and used as a model in most Latin American countries.

Without going into too much detail, we assume that eIDAS offers different modalities for signing agreements digitally. All of them are legally binding, although some offer a higher level of security. That is why we focus on the one that offers an acceptable level of security from the outset: the centralized signature with certificate, a 100% secure option that allows the signatory to be unequivocally identified and is impossible to forge.

Customers testing the centralized signature

5 main advantages of the centralized signature

The following are some of the advantages of this signature model:

  • Lower costs and paperless. The use of paper and printing becomes minimal and unnecessary travel is avoided, contributing to a more sustainable environment.
  • Certificate delegation. Our centralized signature allows you to carry out transactions in someone else’s name in a 100% legal and secure way.
  • Adaptable to any business. The centralized signature, supported by eIDAS, allows and validates any transaction at a global level that requires the signature of any of the parties.
  • Easy to use. Your company’s certificates are hosted in an ultra-secure cloud (HSM), so that the user can carry out procedures and sign documents from anywhere and from any device.
  • Safer. Paper documents can be easily modified at any time. However, the centralized signature with certificate ensures that documents cannot be altered at a later date.

Viafirma Fortress: the most complete centralized signature on the market

Viafirma offers different solutions to simplify and speed up the digital signature of documents. Each one of them adjusts to the different requirements of our clients, since we know that not everyone has the same needs.

To sign and carry out procedures that involve the use of certificates from different devices without the need of installation, you will need a software capable of managing certificates in a secure way and adapted to the current regulation. For corporate scenarios, Viafirma Fortress is a centralized signature tool able to store, control and delegate the use of digital certificates to third parties and integrable through API with any company software.

Your company’s certificates will never be stored on the device, but will be hosted in an ultra-secure cloud that can be used from any device and anywhere, so you can sign and perform online transactions from any device.


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