Install a digital certificate on iPhone

Did you know that you can install a digital certificate on your iPhone? More and more procedures can be carried out directly from a mobile phone without the need for a PC. The convenience of being able to use them from home on practically any device, added to their security, makes them very attractive to citizens. However, a large part of the population does not have one, nor do they know how to get one.

In this context we will see how to install a digital certificate on iPhone, how to obtain one and the use you can make of it thanks to Viafirma’s solutions.

How to obtain the certificate?

Firstly, the certificate is an electronic document that includes a set of data whose purpose is to identify a person through the Internet.

To apply for an individual or corporate one, you will have to go to a Trusted Qualified Service Provider (QSP) such as the FNMT or Firmaprofesional.

A list of all the PSCs is available on the European Commission’s website. A list in which Viafirma appears as a qualified time-stamping service provider.

Steps to install a digital certificate on iPhone

To sign electronically, the first thing to do is to make sure that you have installed a digital certificate on your iPhone correctly. To do this, here are the steps to follow:

  1. We export the certificate to the computer
  2. In the Files app we create a new folder where we will save the certificate later on
  3. We transfer the digital certificate (.p12 file format) from the computer to our iPhone via our personal email.
  4. We will open the email from our iPhone, click on it and save it in the folder we have just created.
  5. Click on the certificate and it will automatically return a message saying that it is hosted in the Settings profiles
  6. In profiles, enter the password for the certificate and click Install

How to send documents to be able to sign with a digital certificate?

Finalising agreements is not an easy task. It is now vital to offer intuitive digital solutions, even more so in the current climate, as most users prefer to carry out complex procedures from home and will prioritise companies that support this type of process.

If you are looking for an electronic signature platform that supports iPhone, Viafirma will become your best ally. Viafirma Documents allows you to configure the signature request of a document so that it can only be signed with an iPhone digital certificate. Moreover, it supports the use of customisable templates of contracts to automate the sending of requests; speeding up the digital signature of contracts with clients.

On the other hand, it allows a series of electronic evidences to be added as attachments to the document in case of repudiation, such as a photo of the ID card of the intervening parties or an audio recording.

User signs with digital certificate on his iPhone

Easier alternatives for signing without installing a certificate on iPhone

As we have already mentioned, very few users have a certificate on their devices to carry out procedures and validate documents.

For this reason, Viafirma has developed special platforms to sign any document electronically from anywhere without requiring an electronic certificate. These are fully compliant with the advanced electronic signature requirements of the eIDAS Regulation; the most demanding trust services standard associated with digital identity in the world.

Finally, our tool is suitable for both face-to-face and telematic environments. In cases where signatories do not have a digital certificate, we recommend the use of the biometric signature or the OTP SMS respectively; offering the same or even greater legal validity than the signature on paper.


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