Digital transformation as a key factor in the internationalization of businesses

Digital transformation and internationalization are two facts that cannot be denied at this point. There are many solutions, such as Viafirma Documents, which take advantage of this situation to provide many benefits to companies. What are these benefits? What improvements can this bring to companies?

A few years ago, globalization is a concept that has settled down, and feels like this process has stopped and all borders have been diluted towards a more global world. Digital transformation has been the last step given by globalization, which perhaps goes unnoticed, but it has a great impact, since it allows companies to interact across the globe as they would with local companies.

This digital transformation  refers to changes that take place in the business process to take advantage of the benefits of digital environments. This procedure requires a broad approach to analyze each of the elements that are involved in the production process.

Within this digital transformation, digital transaction management (DTM) plays an important role. DTM is a category within the services of the cloud designed to digitally manage document-based transactions.

This eliminates the inherent frictions in transactions where there are people and documents involved. DTM seeks to implement easier, simpler, faster and more secure processes when managing documents.

In previous articles we told you about the different phases that a company has to go through before achieving a comprehensive digital transformation, which is indeed a very tedious process, that is why most of the companies are in phase two, incorporating mobile digital solutions,  will allow them to reach more people and work with technological universality, reducing travel time and optimizing efficiency.

Although digital transformation has a lot of value in any field, this is multiplied within the European Union, thanks to the efforts that are being made for Europe to have its own unique digital market -Digital Single Market – where the new legislation eIDAS played a crucial part in promoting it.

Digital transformation: Mobility for the entrepreneur

In addition to the commercial or logistical barriers that may exist, one of the main reasons for businesses to take longer to go global is precisely because of the large amount of time involved in entering a new market.

It is an activity that can have many benefits, but at the same time it consumes a large amount of time and resources from the people with the busiest agendas of any organization, managers and people with the capacity of decision-making.

However, the possibility of operating from any device, literally taking the office on your mobile or tablet are factors that greatly simplify the immersion tasks in a new country or the closing of the marketing of a product in a new area.

Thanks to solutions such as Viafirma Documents, which allow the signing of documents from any device, the complete process is simplified, saving time and money, since it is not necessary that the two people are even face to face.

In addition to saving time and eliminating geographical barriers, the use of solutions that are related to digital signatures involves many more advantages, such as reducing the use of paper – an office worker can use ¡up to 10.000 sheets of paper a year!, saving space and simplifying bureaucratic processes, among others.

In this way, the solutions related to digital transformation bring great value to companies that consider going global through saving resources, simplifying processes and opening new channels -digital- to allow the selling of their products and services. Throughout the world, also having the guarantee that the signed documents have legal validity – that is, if we are within the framework of the European Union or countries that have agreements of mutual recognition.

The European Union, the main forerunner of the digitization of companies

We already mentioned it before, if there is any entity directly involved in the process of transforming the companies of the states member, this is the European Union itself, which in its desire to promote intra-community trade, it is in the middle of establishing of what is known as Digital Single Market, which has developed several instruments to favor it, such as eIDAS, through which the certificates of the countries of the state members are valid throughout the territory.

Through the establishment of a common standard and eliminating one of the last barriers to the construction of such digital single market, the proliferation of interactions between companies from different countries within the European framework is being achieved.

Also, through the destiny of funds to specific programs of collaboration between companies from different parts of Europe, a better knowledge and a general improvement of competitiveness for the whole community is achieved.

So in this framework, mobility solutions as viafirma documents that allow the signing of documents from different devices, while traveling or in any other place, it is a competitive advantage that helps the direct improvement of your results.

Digital transformation is not a growing trend nor a promise of benefits in the distant future, but is a current and tangible reality and solutions such as Viafirma that help to progress in this international and globalized context.

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