What is the universal signature

Do you need to sign a large amount of documents quickly? Do you use different operating systems? Do you use mobile, tablet and computer indistinctly? Do you travel a lot and need to streamline processes? We present you the universal signature, a concept of its own that we have already advanced in other publications. Today, we talk about it in depth.

Business meetings in different cities, not only in your country; approving documents urgently when sometimes you only have your cell phone; paying invoices to suppliers, hiring employees regularly because you have a high staff turnover… these are scenarios that are common in such a globalized and constantly changing world.

Viafirma’s universal signature concept represents the simplest, most neutral and innovative digital signature solution in the market. It allows to operate from any device, it can be used in all operating systems and all this in mobility. Therefore, it supposes a series of advantages to solve common problems that, if you are an entrepreneur, you will know well.

What is the universal signature

The concept of Universal Signature has much or everything to do with the concept of Technological Neutrality. According to the wikipedia community, this is defined as “the freedom of individuals and organizations to choose the most appropriate technology suited to their needs and requirements for development, acquisition, use or commercialization, without dependencies on implied knowledge such as information or data”.

Europe is particularly sensitive to citizens’ freedoms with respect to market impositions. The principle of technological neutrality was legally used in Europe in 1999 in an official European Commission document on the review of the regulatory framework for electronic communications. According to this document, technological neutrality means that legislation must define the objectives to be achieved without imposing or discriminating against the use of any other type of technology to achieve the objectives set.

The universal signature is, therefore, the one that assumes this commitment to technological neutrality, according to which it can be used from any operating system, browser and mobile device.

Viafirma has achieved this universal signature, that is to say, its applications can be used with the same effectiveness from mobile devices and computers, regardless of the operating system and browser used and without losing effectiveness or having a worse user experience. This has been our commitment for many years and we continue to maintain our commitment.

Sign from any advice

Do you work on a desktop or a laptop? You can use our universal signature. Do you prefer a smartphone or a tablet? No problem. We sign from almost anything. Well, give us some time for smartwatches and fridges, ok? 馃槈

Sign from any operating system

This implies, of course, that the universal signature allows you to manage documents from native apps for iOS, Android and Windows, which will be in charge of receiving notifications and documents to be signed.

Signing from anywhere

With the universal signature we eliminate geographical barriers. This is of great value for companies that have subsidiaries in different cities, remote suppliers, clients anywhere in the world, etc.

Therefore, for companies looking to internationalize, save resources, simplify processes and open new channels to market their products and services worldwide, this solution will allow you to do all of this. It will also save time and ensure that all signed documents are legally valid.

universal signature

Why is it convenient to use the universal signature?

The universal digital signature offers a series of advantages for businessmen, administrations, etc. In addition to the advantages of mobility and usability mentioned above, there are other aspects that make it convenient to use the universal signature.

It is simple and intuitive

It eliminates the complexities associated with advanced technologies, so that anyone, more or less tech-savvy, will be able to use it easily. In addition, its integration and use is really easy.

Complies with eIDAS regulations

According to the regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 of the European Parliament and the Council, it establishes the conditions under which Member States must “recognize the means of electronic identification of natural and legal persons and a legal framework for electronic signatures, electronic seals, etc.” With Viafirma Suite’s universal signature and our alliances with different qualified trust service providers, we are 100% compliant with this regulation to operate with total security in the European market.

Facilitates work

It is often tedious to manage all the administrative and management processes in the company. Suppliers, customers, employees… all this involves a series of steps, in many cases monthly and weekly, which require a lot of time and money that could be invested in other aspects such as attracting new customers or improving products.

But, thanks to the processes of digital transformation of companies, where we include the digitization of signatures, we can achieve savings in management and costs, which generates an increase in the overall efficiency of the company. Processes such as the following can be streamlined:

  • Electronic invoicing

In the case of the suite, viafirma e-invoice is the one that allows the digital management of invoices in a comprehensive and transparent way for the company, suppliers and customers, complying with the current legal regulations.

It allows the issuance, reception and electronic signature of the different versions of the facturae format and the automatic sending to FACe (General Entry Point for Electronic Invoices).

  • Commercial contracts

If you have to make large volumes of contracts, or you do it in transit sites that require mobility (business trips of determined duration, fairs, etc.), Viafirma Documents’ solution is the right one. You will be able to sign documents with the same validity as the handwritten one no matter where you are.

universal signature
  • Task delegation

This is the example of Viafirma Inbox, whose function is that of the traditional signature holder in which we traditionally kept all the documents pending review, but in this case in digital format. It facilitates the delegation of management tasks of documents pending signature or supervision, thus organizing the workflow.

You can visit more uses in Viafirma’s web or in the article about 7 uses of digital signature. If you still want to know more about the universal signature, do not hesitate to contact us, see you soon!


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