Quick integration guide

This guide will help you to start working with Viafirma Documents APIs quickly, making use of the main services with which you should be able to add the digital signature utility to your business.

To make a complete integration with Viafirma Documents from an external system such as any CRM, SAP, web or desktop application, a REST API is offered that allows the use of most of the services and functionalities offered by the product.

To get started, here you have links and help to the published documentation:


Viafirma Documents API services require security, being able to choose Basic Authorization and OAuth v2 mechanisms.

Creation of a signature request

For the creation of an application we will make use of the service that you will find in the following section of the documentation:

The documents to be sent for signature are informed when creating the request and there are different possibilities:

If the signature process has a form or the document makes use of variables / acrofields and you want to complete it with data from an external system, this can be indicated at the time of making the request:

Follow-up on the request

To follow up on the application we have two basic mechanisms that are complementary:

  • Receipt of an email upon completion of the request indicating whether it was completed, rejected, expired or there was an error, including the signed document and/or audit file.
  • Use of a client system URL to receive feedback on the status of the request (callbackURL). When calling the request creation service, if a URL is specified in the callbackURL parameter, a POST call will be made to that URL each time one of the signers finishes and when the request reaches a final status. It is in this service developed by the client that the signed document can be downloaded, detailed information (form data, signer, etc.) or the status of the request can be saved in its system. To improve traceability, the JSON has an externalCode attribute that facilitates the association between requests from both systems.

Detailed information can be found at the following URL:

Storage of the signed document

The last part after the creation of applications and their follow-up is the storage of the signed document.

Viafirma Documents offers a complex system for the persistence of signed documents with the possibility of alternating different configurations and procedures, as well as the integration with third party repositories for the transfer of signed documents.

Viafirma has document retention policies where an administrator can establish the permanence time in our systems and you can choose to delegate the storage in our systems and/or keep the documents in your own environment (external to Viafirma).

For this, through the automatic response Callback service, you will receive a call with the JSON of the request where the status of the request is indicated. When the process has finished correctly, it will be the moment to download the documents that compose the signature request.

The following link describes the API call process:

For more advanced integrations, Viafirma Documents has transfer systems that consist of automatically transferring the documents once the request is finished to the client’s document manager. We have customized implementations for some clients and other generic ones such as FTP or Sharepoint transfers.


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