Certificates for unattended signature in Viafirma Documents

The signature on server or unattended signature is done with a digital certificate previously installed in the system. You will be able to use them through the certificate management that you will see in the options menu. Only the administrator of your group will be able to manage certificates for unattended signature.


Certificado del menú opciones


You can import as many certificates as you wish, and you can define which one to use by default.


Certificados de Viafirma Documents

Add a new certificate

As a first step you will need the certificate in software format, you can use .p12 or .pfx extensions. You must know its password to be able to install it. Next, you will have to choose the name by which you will be able to identify it in your signature policies, or in other words, the ALIAS, and you will be able to choose a new password with which the imported certificate will be finally accessed.

Importar certificado de firma


How do I use a default certificate for unattended signing?

When you import the certificate you will only have to activate the desired option. With this you will no longer have to indicate in your unattended signature policies any alias or password.

If you don’t have a default certificate configured in your group and you don’t indicate in your policies the alias or the password, Viafirma will use its default certificate. You will see highlighted in bold the alias that is configured as default certificate in your group.

In the following video we show you how to install and use certificates for unattended signature.


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