Electronic signature in Bolivia

Electronic signature in Bolivia Electronic signatures in Bolivia are regulated by Law No. 164 of August 8, 2011 – General Law of Telecommunications, Information and Communication Technologies.

According to Bolivian law, this type of signature is considered “probative evidence” and must be accompanied by other types of evidence to be supported in court.

Taking this note into account, the document attached as a proof complement must contain the following information:.

    • The identity of the signatory
    • Your consent to the document
    • To associate their consent to a specific text
    • Evidence that the signatory has participated voluntarily
    • In addition, it is recommended to rely on a document containing the different interactions that have taken place in the transaction.

Types of electronic signature in Bolivia

The law on electronic signatures in Bolivia distinguishes two types of signatures, required according to the nature of the documents to be signed, their evidentiary value and the security used, both in their creation and in their use:

    • Simple electronic signature (SES). This signature is understood as one that allows the recipient of an electronic document to identify, at least formally, its author, and can be used in the issuance of documents such as consensual contracts, agreements or simple powers of attorney.

The simple electronic signature is used, above all, in documents that are not considered “public instruments”. It is mainly used for identification at the SII and for invoicing.

    • Advanced electronic signature (AES). On the other hand, this type of electronic signature is certified by an accredited provider, which ensures the integrity of the electronic document that has been signed, the identity of the signatory. In this way, the signatory officially acknowledges having signed the document, being possible to detect any modification made after the act of signing.

Unlike the simple electronic signature, the advanced electronic signature is used for documents that are classified as public instruments or for those that are intended to have the same legal effects.

electronic signature in bolivia

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