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Updated in September 2023 Uruguay was the first country in South America to have a digital signature, adopting it in 1998. The electronic signaturein Uruguay is governed by Law 18.600 of September 21, 2009, which recognizes its admissibility, validity and legal effectiveness.  

Keys about the electronic signature In Uruguay


This regulation is very similar to the Spanish one. However, it differentiates between two types of electronic signature, namely: electronic signature – known in Spain as simple electronic signature – and digital signature – equivalent to advanced electronic signature.  

    • Electronic signature: Electronic signature is understood as the result of obtaining by means of mechanisms or devices a pattern that is biunivocally associated to an individual and his or her willingness to sign.
    • Digital signature: A digital signature is understood to be a pattern created by means of cryptography, whereby “public” or “asymmetric” key cryptographic systems, or those determined by technological developments (digital certificate), must be used.

In this way, any electronic document authenticated by means of an electronic signature in Uruguay shall be deemed to be authored by the user to whom the corresponding private key has been assigned, unless there is proof of forgery of the electronic document or disclosure of the key by third parties.  

In Uruguay, the cryptographic token is used as a storage medium for certificates.

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