What is cloud based signature or centralized signature?

Cloud signature or centralized signature is a very secure authentication solution that improves the usability of the signature. As its name suggests, the signature in the cloud is characterized because the digital certificate is hosted on a secure server (HSM), and the user can access it when he wants to sign a document digitally, after authenticating his identity in a robust way.
What identification does the signature in the cloud require?
Robust identification requires at least two identification procedures that can be:

Something that “the user knows” (password).
Something that “the user has” (key card, sms token, otp token).
Something that “the user does or is” (signature, voice, fingerprint, iris and other biometric factors).

Thus, the certificate is never in the hands of the owner, but will be accessed whenever it is necessary to use it and can be authenticated without the need to install any software on the device from which the transaction is carried out.


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