Fleki, the first canine to use electronic signature

With the implementation of the last animal welfare law, our pets can now have a digital certificate. Fleki, a schnauzer from the Andalusian capital is the first canine to use Viafirma’s electronic signature.

The use of the animal certificate has begun its implementation in dogs and cats for being the most intelligent animals, but the authorities foresee that it could be expanded in coming years to other pets such as birds, reptiles and eventually to goats, pigs and cows.

Fleki, known for his intelligence and friendliness, actively participated in this first electronic signature beyond the human realm. Equipped with a device specially designed for his skills (a tablet placed on the table), Fleki put his paw into action, stamping his unique signature on a digital document. Thanks to the capture of biometric data, it is electronically certified that this canine has agreed to go to the vet for his annual check-up.

A digital certificate turned upside down

The moment of the certificate signing, captured in images and videos shared on social media, shows Fleki a bit nervous throughout the process knowing what it means. Followers of the adorable canine have expressed their amazement and joy at seeing how technology is innovatively integrated into everyday life, even in the world of pets.

Fleki the first dog to digitally sign a document
Fleki at the moment of the electronic signature

Viafirma’s experts highlight that this step raises questions about the future possibilities of the technology. Could the electronic signature have a wider role in the digital interaction between pets and their owners?

Electronic signature, guarantor of animal rights

In an official statement, the Viafirma team thanks Fleki for his participation and highlights the importance of exploring new ways to integrate technology into everyday life, including the unique relationship between humans and pets.

Antonio Cabrera, owner of the canine and CEO of Viafirma commented on the event:

“We already knew that my Fleki was really smart and we wanted to use the electronic signature to give him a say in his day-to-day life. My dog is the first, but imagine the possible applications of these technologies to improve the quality of life of our pets and the respect for their rights and wishes. Now we can and should take into account their opinion on issues such as vacations, veterinary visits and the color of the leashes and articles they use. A great advance in rights for our furry friends thanks to Viafirma’s electronic signature engine“.

The news of Fleki’s electronic signature has captured media attention and generated conversations about the adaptability of technology in different contexts. With the adorable dog as the protagonist, this milestone adds to the list of innovations that demonstrate that technology continues to surprise us and expand its boundaries. Fleki has left his mark on digital history in a unique and charming way.


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