Keys to signing a confidentiality agreement

Do you need to sign a confidentiality agreement and don’t know what it is or how to draft it? In this blog post we explain what it is and the main clauses you should add. We also tell you how to sign a confidentiality agreement from our reusable templates.


Qué es un acuerdo de confidencialidad y no divulgación de información


A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a legal contract between two or more parties that establishes the conditions and obligations related to the protection of confidential information.


The main purpose of a confidentiality agreement is to prevent unauthorized disclosure of sensitive or secret information to third parties and to protect the interests of the parties involved.


In summary, a confidentiality agreement is an essential legal tool to protect sensitive information and ensure that the parties involved maintain the privacy of shared data.


Cláusulas importantes en un acuerdo de confidencialidad


The content of a confidentiality agreement may vary according to the specific needs of the parties involved (business data, trade secrets, financial information, project proposals, marketing strategies, technological developments, etc.).

Some of the main common elements are:


      • Definition of confidential information: It is specified what type of information will be considered confidential and protected by the agreement.


            • Duration: It is established for how long the agreement will apply and confidentiality will be maintained.


            • Obligations of the parties: The duties of the parties in terms of protection and use of confidential information are described.


            • Exceptions: Potential circumstances under which disclosure of confidential information is permitted are determined.


            • Consequences of non-compliance: The responsibilities and legal or compensatory actions are established in the event that one of the parties breaches the agreement.


      ¿Quién firma un acuerdo de confidencialidad?


      A confidentiality agreement can be signed by several parties depending on the context. The parties involved in signing a confidentiality agreement are usually:


            • Company and Employee:


                  • Company and Contractor/Freelancer


                  • Business Partners


                  • Investors and Companies


                  • Parties to a Merger or Acquisition


            The precise moment to sign a confidentiality agreement varies according to the context and the nature of the situation (at the beginning of an employment or collaborative relationship, before sharing confidential information, prior to negotiations, investments or mergers, etc.)


             ¿Cómo firmar un acuerdo de confidencialidad?


            Signing a confidentiality agreement is essential for the parties involved and therefore steps must be taken to ensure that the signed agreement is legally valid.


            Signing a confidentiality agreement electronically offers several advantages and benefits over traditional paper-based signature methods.


            Viafirma, a company specialized in the development of solutions to manage the digital signature of documents, can help you to carry out the electronic signature of confidentiality agreements.


            Razones por las cuales la firma electrónica les puede ser beneficiosa:


                  • Efficiency and Speed: Electronic signatures allow parties to sign quickly and efficiently, without the need to print, scan and send physical documents.


                        • Remote Access: Parties can sign from any location at any time, regardless of where each person is geographically located.


                        • Cost Reduction: Electronic signatures eliminate the costs associated with printing, mailing and storing physical documents.


                        • Security: Our electronic signature software offers advanced levels of security, such as identity authentication and encryption, to ensure document integrity and signature authenticity.


                        • Tracking and Auditing: Viafirma provides a detailed audit report with all the actions performed (who signed, when and from which location, how they signed, with which device, etc.).


                        • Signing in Multiple Devices: The signature of any of the parties can be from various devices (computers, tablets or smartphones), which adds flexibility and convenience and what in Viafirma you call “universal signature”.


                        • Legally Valid Signature: Our software is developed following scrupulously the international standards in the matter.


                        • Digital Storage: Electronically signed documents can be securely stored in digital format, making them easily accessible and searchable in the future.


                        • Online Collaboration: Electronic signatures allow multiple parties to seamlessly collaborate and sign the same document, even if they are located in different places.


                  Ya puedes firmar un acuerdo de confidencialidad fácil

                  Viafirma offers you comfort, speed and security for the electronic signature of confidentiality agreements and other legal documents, allowing you to accelerate the signing process and speed up the communication. Do you want to know how? By creating one of our templates you will be able to write these documents with comfort. Would you like to sign a document with our templates? Contact us and try it for free today!


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