Legal labor contracts without code

For a company to grow, its teams must grow. All companies hire staff, but for some it represents a greater effort due to the number of employees or because the dynamics of the business implies speed when hiring. And doing things in a hurry does not bring good results.

Signed legal documents with convenience for your department

If it is already a huge challenge to make a good selection by the human resources areas, the elaboration and signing of contracts is evidence of the slowness of these processes. Each contract guarantees in the future that both parties are protected to fulfill and enforce the conditions agreed upon at the beginning. So that companies can focus on the legality of their contracts, Viafirma facilitates the signing of documents and accelerates the processes.

The labor laws in each country have evolved and provide regulation for the controlled use of electronic signatures, in Colombia for example, the Ministry of Labor regulated the use of digital and electronic signatures in labor contracts by issuing the decree 526 of 2021. The case of the European Union is regulated by regulation 910/2014.

Despite its obvious benefits, even in large corporations there are sometimes circumstances that prevent complex and costly integrations so that once the selection process has been completed, all the information is automatically captured in such a valuable document.

Templates for processes without integrations

So how do we optimize this process without integrations and make it applicable if one contract or a hundred of them are required at a time?

Viafirma has a light and very complete functionality when managing templates, it allows the composition of a document starting from fixed information, the template document, which can be elaborated in word or editable pdf, and then, at form level, to have the variable data of our future employees and to make the composition of the document in a dynamic way.

Our tools are your comfort.

In Viafirma we aim to make your daily work easier and we design our tools with that objective in mind. The template functionality, used together in our solutions, allows you to process massive document uploads, signer flow design, unattended signature with certificates and monitoring the status of each process among others. Our tools can be implemented in a few days and represent your best chance of having a digitized process that contributes almost immediately to the digital transformation of your company.

If you need to have the electronic signature process for labor contracts and do it with or without integration, we can help you!


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