How to sign sale and purchase documents in dealerships and the automotive industry

Signing purchase and sale documents has become essential in the automotive industry, and the adoption of Electronic signature stands out as a key element in this process. Efficiency in the formalization of purchase and sale contracts is not only a matter of improve the shopping experience, but also becomes a factor that makes a difference. of dealers and private individuals. The ability to sign and manage sale and purchase documents quickly and securely not only streamlines administrative processes, but also contributes significantly to customer’s satisfaction, positioning automotive businesses on a pathway to commercial success.

In today’s article, we will tell you about the benefits of the electronic signature in the automotive sector and how Viafirma can help you in your digital transformation process, just as we have helped companies in the automotive industry such as KIA, Volkswagen Financial Services or Toyota Financial Services.

Electronic signature, the best tool for signing automobile sales and purchases

We live in a context in which every business model must be transformed. But with the integration of electronic signatures, the automotive sector can open new doors to a strategy focused on digitization and that responds to the needs of today’s market: from expediting document deliveries to signing sales contracts. Whether you have a dealership or you buy and sell vehicles, optimize your business with electronic signatures.

The main benefits of electronic signatures in the automotive sector are: 

  • Improve customer experience throughout the entire process By implementing these tools, you can eliminate the need for customers to physically come to the office to sign documents related to the purchase, leasing or maintenance of a vehicle. This simplifies a process that traditionally required customers to go to the dealership. Now, they can review and sign digital documents more efficiently.

Thus, the agility and convenience in the signing processes can improve customer satisfaction and strengthen the relationship with the company.

However, if you prefer that your business customers sign in person, you can also make use of this modality. We adapt to your business and the needs of your customers, whichever modality you prefer to use.

Electronic signature is the best solution for signing vehicle purchase and sale documents.
  • Efficiency and agility for legal procedures The adoption of electronic signatures in the automotive industry translates into a substantial improvement in operational efficiency and process streamlining. By eliminating the need to print, sign purchase and sale documents physically and scanning documents, it reduces the time required to scan documents and errors associated with paper handling are minimized.

In the field of vehicle sales, purchase contracts, financing agreements and other related documents may be completed and signed electronically in a matter of minutes. This speeds up the response time and enables close transactions faster, benefiting both dealers and customers.

  • Security of your leasing contracts Electronic signature solutions use advanced security technologies such as encryption, two-factor authentication and audit trails, guaranteeing the authenticity and traceability of signatures and documents. Carry out all the procedures you need, whether it’s shipment management actions or requests for signing documents for the sale and purchase of vehicles, from the comfort of your home, with all the security.
  • Legal compliance in the EU

There are doubts about the reliability and legal validity of electronic signatures. Although it is true that there are different types of electronic signature, advanced electronic signature and qualified electronic signature do offer all legal guarantees to your documents. The qualified electronic signature is even equivalent to the handwritten. Moreover, all our digital solutions are compliant with European Union regulations, elDAS Regulation.

  • Sign on multiple devices with Viafirma The signature can be done from different devices (computers, tablets or smartphones), adding flexibility. In Viafirma, we call it ‘universal signature’.
  • With environmental responsibility for your business By using digital tools we generate a positive impact on the environment, since we we discard paper waste and unnecessary trips. At the brand level, it positions us as a responsible company in terms of ESG. (Environmental, Social and Governance).

Are you already convinced by the benefits of electronic signatures in the automotive industry? If so, read on.

Betting on the electronic signature in the automotive sector with Viafirma

Are you a professional in the automotive sector and want to incorporate a digital signature solution in your business?, Do you want to facilitate the management of paperwork when signing purchase and sale documents??, Or perhaps having the digital tools of leading automotive companies such as KIA, Volkswagen Financial Services o Toyota Financial Services? Viafirma can provide you with management tools that will help you in the digital transformation process of your business, including the option of firmar and manage the purchase and sale  of vehicles.

Whether contracts, invoices, orders… Viafirma takes care of automating your signature, and you do your business. With all the legal validity.

Join the digital transformation and incorporate the benefits of electronic signatures in the automotive sector!


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