Viafirma’s electronic signature API, the digital solution for your business

Viafirma’s electronic signature API stands as a fundamental pillar in the electronic signature landscape, playing a crucial role in business efficiency and document security. Viafirma, a reference company with more than 23 years of experience, offers an easy-to-integrate API that not only certifies the authenticity, of your documents, but also provides an exceptional security.

From two-factor authentication options to the ability to secure and access your documents in a convenient way, Viafirma’s API offers everything you need. Our code adapts to your needs and provides an advanced and secure electronic signature experience.

Why should you choose Viafirma’s electronic signature API for your company?

Speed up your procedures, pamper the user.

Viafirma’s API is a digital tool easy and fast to use. Integrating it in your applications means more agility and efficiency, with which you will achieve results such as reducing the time that individuals spend in carrying out procedures. Consequently, improves the clients’ user experience.

In addition, you can also integrate the signature system into your company’s corporate application, as there are different options for this. As it is adaptable to any operating system, you can use our APIs in both Android and iOS.

A secure and reliable electronic signature API.

We know that all power entails a great security… that’s why all management documents need a great delegate. For Viafirma, security is a fundamental priority in its electronic signature API.

In order to guarantee comprehensive protection of your data and documents, several authentication options have been implemented, allowing you to select the one that best suits your specific use case.

In addition, our API supports several types of authentication: OAuth2, Basic… Choose the one that best suits your particular case and needs.


Store signed documents.

Cuando el documento ha sido firmado, la configuración asociada a su ciclo de vida incluye varias configuraciones disponibles desde el panel de gestión de la solución.

To do so, you have three options:

  • Documents can be retrieved via API and stored in any external system
  • You can configure automatic transfer to external repositories.

Signed documents are automatically persisted in Viafirma’s file system; that is to say, Viafirma stores the document automatically and it is always accessible in the server. However, Viafirma is not a document manager. It is recommended that the user or integrator configures the transfer, either immediately after the signature or periodically from time to time.

For this, you can activate different transfer mechanisms to external repositories, csuch as the client’s document managers. From Viafirma Documents’ management panel you can access the document transfer module, allowing you to know in real status the status of the transfers and the detail of each process, even allowing manual interventions in transfers marked as failed and that have reached the maximum number of retries.

The transfer system also includes a reporting system with the possibility of configuring reports that will be sent automatically to the service managers.

  • You can also use the custody that we offer in Viafirma, but it is recommended that it is not long-lived.

The documents that are stored in Viafirma’s file system are not lost. However, when storing large amounts of documents, retrieving a specific one to consult it becomes complicated.

Now you know how to store electronically signed documents. But, do you have doubts about the signature sending process? Here is a step-by-step tutorial about Viafirma’s solution for sending electronic signature requests that you can find inour YouTube channel:

An interface that adapts to you.

Are you worried about not being able to customize our interface and having it appear with a predefined design? Don’t worry about crucial design points such as logos or colors. Our code adapts to your needs: Viafirma’s API is flexible and supports any design in any interface or environment..

Do you want to show your company’s logo or your corporate colors? WithViafirma’s electronic signature you are free to do it, since it is customizable and adaptable to the client’s corporate image. Besides, if you have problems with your code and you need it, we also have documentation for you.

Our code adapts to your needs!

And you, are you looking for an electronic signature API solution? We have documentation for you! Request, without obligation, access to our sandbox. We will give you some development credentials so you can test our API and check the great advantages and utilities it can have in your company.


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