Ticket BAI

Have you heard about the Ticket BAI? If you are self-employed or have a company in the Basque Country, you will surely have heard about this system that will be mandatory for entrepreneurs and companies in 2022.

What is BAI Ticket?

Ticket BAI is a project developed by the provincial treasuries together with the Basque Government.

Its objective is to carry out a control of any activity carried out by companies in this territory. This new regulation is aimed at those companies that work mainly with cash, although it will affect all of them equally.

This system implies that all devices capable of generating invoices will have to be adapted to Ticket BAI. In addition, they must be able to generate a unique identification file for each of these invoices, which will be sent to the corresponding tax authorities within the stipulated deadlines and under the regulations of each administration.

The invoice format must have an identification code called Tbai and a QR that contains all the relevant information. In addition, any device issuing an invoice must have a certificate capable of signing documents electronically. Therefore, a trusted Service Provider must be contacted to obtain a digital certificate.

When does the Ticket BAI regulation come into force?

During 2019, the regulatory proposals concerning the implementation of the system were finalized and a pilot test phase was carried out to finish checking its correct operation and allow software developers to work on the integration of their programs with this new system with a view to its implementation in 2021. Finally, the implementation was delayed to 2022 due to the change of priorities due to the economic impact of COVID-19.

It is expected to come into effect as of January 2022. However, the final implementation date of Ticket BAI will vary depending on the province.

The Ticket BAI system: A billing and collection system control tool to prevent tax fraud

The objective is to unequivocally identify from which device the invoice was generated. In addition, the software must have a certificate identifying the manufacturer and guaranteeing that it has not been tampered with.

Regarding the issuance of the invoice, the software must generate a file prior to the invoice, the content and design of which must comply with the specifications stipulated in the Ticket BAI system. This file will contain information linking the invoice with the previous one and must be digitally signed by the device certificate.

That is to say, the generation and automatic sending of this file to the administration will be previous even to the generation of the invoice. Therefore, it will be impossible to modify or delete an invoice without leaving a trace.

Finally, once the file is generated, a TBAI identification code and a QR code will be obtained. Both should be part of the invoice or ticket that we give to the customer.

BAI Ticket System for PDF and XML

Viafirma Fortress: A solution adapted to Ticket BAI

It is important that when Ticket BAI comes into force you are using a software capable of generating invoices fully adapted to the new regulation. In addition, if you are looking for a solution to sign XML documents, Viafirma Fortress can be integrated through API with any corporate software that needs to adhere to the guidelines set by the Ticket BAI system.

In fact, it allows signing on the server (we mean that it does not require user intervention and is configured to be done automatically) with the company’s certificate every time you need to send an invoice to the tax authorities. Thus, the certificate will be hosted in an ultra-secure cloud that can be used from any device and place.


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