7 uses of the digital signature, beyond filing taxes

Are you an entrepreneur or a company manager? Keep reading, this article may interest you. Today we bring you 7 uses of the digital signature apart from dealing with tax returns . Lets get started.

Digital transformation in companies is a reality that is covered differently in each business. There is no doubt that we are in the middle of a moment of change, however, not all companies are evolving at the same speed. While some have already experienced a complete transformation process, others are still taking steps when required by law, such as filing taxes, interacting with Social Security or issuing bills for Public Administration.

At the same time, Europe and all member states are making great efforts to digitize companies as soon as possible, with the aim of making them more efficient, more transparent and at the same time to be able to interact throughout the Union, making the unique market a reality, also in the digital environment. To this end, as we have already mentioned in previous articles, the eIDAS regulation has been implemented, which defines, among other things, the legal scenario that allows the signing of documents and authentication of its signatories among member countries, something indispensable for the digital single market.

It is possible that some of you ask about the legal validity of the electronic signature, since before starting to use it, the main thing is to have the necessary legal guarantees. Well, according to the new eIDAS regulations, there are three different levels of signature with different legality ranges.

The qualified Electronic Signature: the same validity as the handwritten signature.

Advanced Electronic Signature: It has legal validity, as long as the signature is associated with a single signer that can be recognizable; the signature is generated with a high-level trust application and allows the identification of subsequent changes made in the document.

Simple Electronic Signature or Biometric Signature: It does not have legal validity unless it is accompanied by a set of elements that proves in an irrefutable way that the signer of that document is who it claims to be.

One of the factors to take into account is that you make sure that the solution can sign any document, delegate the signature, etc. and complies with all legal requirements to guarantee the legal validity of the signature.

Now, we present some of the things you can do with the electronic signature. Take advantage of the opportunities of mobility that gives you to make your company more efficient and your personal life more productive. Lets start:

  1. Informed Consent: using eSignatures in the healthcare industry

If you work in the healthcare environment – in a broad sense – you know that because of there are many processes that require authorization, as there is a lot of sensitive information. In fact, it is not possible to make an income, without such authorizations. The electronic signature of such informed consent, not only saves time to the health places, but also provides a better user experience to the patient.

  1. Close agreements anywhere
uses of the digital signature

The electronic signature allows you to sign documents anywhere and with the same validity as the wet signature. This way you do not need to be physically with your client or provider, nor send contracts by courier, simply use an electronic signature solution and save time and resources.

  1. Commercial contracts at fairs, airports and commercial visits

If your sector requires a lot of mobility, visit trade fairs or do direct marketing actions in shopping malls, airports or any other situation where there is a high volume of people who are just passing through, solutions such as viafirma documents can make your life much easier.

Forget the brochures that the client fills up and later need to make photocopies of documents etc…. With the digital signature all this is simplified.

  1. Electronic Invoice

Unless you work with the Public Administration and certain specific cases, in Spain, you are not obligated to use the electronic invoice; however, it is something that you should consider. With this, you not only simplify the procedures and save in shipping, storage and paper costs, but also promote transparency while giving a good image.

  1. Make your employees more efficient

In the environment in which we work, mobility solutions are an indispensable requirement to ensure that your business is efficient enough. Provide your team with solutions that allow them to work from any location and device, without the need to waste time on the trips.

uses of the digital signature
  1. Government Procurement

The entire application and arbitration procedure can be carried out electronically. The document consignment, its evaluation and the subsequent decision can be made online and with digital signatures. How many trees would stop to be cut off, if all the specifications, communications and offers were digital!

  1. Task Delegation

Thanks to solutions like Viafirma Inbox, you can delegate tasks and even the documents signature to different people in your team. Imagine the enormous advantage this entails when it comes to optimizing resources.

We hope this article has helped you to know other uses of the digital signature apart from dealing with tax returns and administrative procedures.


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