Viafirma Inbox and Foundations: Success Stories

We wanted to dedicate the first post of the year to one of our star products: Viafirma inbox, our electronic signature agenda that allows the visualisation, validation, signature and custody of all types of documents in digital format. A very useful solution especially for those environments where you work with a lot of documentation or where mobility is a key factor.

So that you can see the usability of this product, today we bring you some of the success stories of viafirma inbox, in foundations in charge of research in the health sector.

What is Viafirma Inbox?

Viafirma inbox is an electronic signature holder. That is to say, it is the same as the traditional signature holder in which we kept all the documents that we had to review but in digital format.

Given its nature, it facilitates the management of documents pending signature or supervision, organising the workflow thanks to the delegation of signatures. This is especially important in processes where there are many parties involved or where the hierarchical structure of decision-making is very well defined.

The user interface is very similar to that of any webmail account, so it is very easy to use, convenient and fast.

How can it help you to be more efficient?

The greater the responsibility, the greater the need to learn to delegate, since this is the only way to build a team that can lead to success. Through the signature delegation system, Viafirma Inbox allows different tasks to be assigned to any person in the team.

Delegating an electronic signature

It also allows you to sign all documents electronically with a single click, with the same validity as if they were in your own handwriting, after review by the person you have appointed as the person in charge.

In the field of scientific research, where the work system is usually quite hierarchical and the supervision of any document plays an essential role, these signature delegation systems make it possible to speed up processes that would otherwise take so long that the research would eventually become obsolete. This is why every day more and more institutions trust our solution: viafirma inbox.

Viafirma Inbox and the Institutions: Success Stories

Research-related institutions need to work with a large amount of information and, by their nature, usually have a high volume of documents. The proper processing of these documents, as well as the implementation of many bureaucratic procedures, means that in many cases, the information is even obsolete and in many cases this results in a loss of resources.

More and more foundations are discovering that by digitising some of their processes, they can save time and money. There are currently three foundations that have opted for viafirma’s solutions for digital transformation:

Puerta del Hierro Foundation


The Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Puerta de Hierro de Majadahonda (IIS) is a research structure resulting from the collaboration of several institutions, including the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro, with the aim of promoting joint research activities carried out by researchers from different hospitals and universities.

They generate a large number of documents resulting from their research and medical trials, with the added bureaucratic difficulty that such confidential contracts must be approved by up to 4 or 5 signatories.

They therefore needed a tool that would allow them to streamline their procedures, eliminate paper and improve their contract signature management times. In addition, for the preparation of some of their work and the signing of their contracts, they required a high level of confidentiality and the possibility of signing remotely, accessing the documents via the cloud.

For all this, they decided to rely on Viafirma Inbox. With this strategy, the management of flows (procedures and contracts) in a much more agile and comfortable way thanks to the workflows designer that incorporates the tool that allows to manage and create documents in a visual way (Drag and Drop).

Once the flow has been created, each signatory receives an email notification through which they can access (regardless of the device) directly to the signature request in order to carry it out with their electronic certificate.

When all participants complete the petition, in addition to receiving a notification, they can access their completed petitions folder and download or consult the signed document.



The Foundation for Biomedical Research in Primary Care (FIIBAP) was created with the aim of promoting research and scientific and technological innovation in the field of primary care. It also promotes the use of this type of services in all the centres belonging to the Madrid Health Service.

Reporting directly to the Directorate General for Planning, Research and Training, FIIBAP is an instrument for researchers to enrich the field of research.

As is to be expected, and even more so in a foundation associated with research, the amount of documents handled by FIIBAP is very high, so much so that in some cases it can even affect productivity and management.

This is why FIIBAP has decided to take another step forward in its digital transformation, replacing the physical process of signing documents with the processing of this process in digital format, using viafirma to implement the solution, opting for viafirma inbox in its cloud version.

They can now sign all types of documents digitally, also allowing the use of different signature typologies: serial signature (cascade), parallel signature, signature lines and gives the option of sign-off as well. Thus, FIIBAP got a solution fully adapted to its needs and with an interface completely adapted to this foundation with a wide range of advantages.


logo idival

IDIVAL promotes and develops research and innovation in the bio-health environment in Cantabria, with the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital as its epicentre, with the aim of seeking solutions to health problems and contributing to scientific, educational, social and economic development.

The IDIVAL Foundation is in the process of development and, as is the case with other research-related entities, the amount of documentation and paperwork that needs to be completed is very high, partly affecting productivity.

This is why IDIVAL decided to take a further step in its digital transformation, replacing the physical process of signing documents with the processing of this process in digital format using Viafirma Inbox, an electronic signature tray, recognised by Law 59/2003, of 19 December, on electronic signatures, with the aim of reducing time and improving the management of its internal documentation, also in its cloud version.

In all three cases, they have opted for Viafirma Inbox because of the advantages it offers. Some examples are:

  • Saving time and management costs.
  • Increased security and integrity of documents.
  • Increased efficiency through improved internal management.
  • Streamlines internal processes
  • Centraliser of company tasks.
  • Ability to retrieve original documents.
  • Monitoring of the status of signature processes at all times.

In addition to the advantages mentioned in the previous cases, it allows the classification of signatures according to their importance: new, pending, pending, rejected, expired, personalised… It should also be noted that it supports the most widespread signature formats: PAdES (PDF signatures) and XAdES (XML signatures). A solution fully adapted to the needs of IDIVAL, with an interface completely adapted to this foundation and offering a wide range of advantages.


What do you think of the cases of these foundations? We will keep you informed of all the details of each of these projects.

See you next week!


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