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How to make an appointment for the ID and passport without leaving your home

Today we have decided to dedicate this post to explain you how you can request an appointment to renew your ID or Passport from home, in less than 5 minutes and in a clear and simple way.


Many people get their hands on their heads when they see that they have to waste a day (or at best a morning) traveling to the renewal point in order to simply make an appointment to renew their ID card or passport. Well, don’t worry, there is an alternative option; make the appointment online.

Okay, now come other types of concerns; “I do not get along well with computers”, “back to struggle with electronic administration”, “sure it’s a difficult process for which I am not prepared / a”, etc.. None of that, this post has the sole purpose of helping you in the simple (yes, you heard right, the e-Administration also has simple things) process of requesting the appointment to renew the ID or passport.

ID appointment

As I said, you can renew your ID without leaving your home, in a few simple steps. By the way, remember that you don’t have to wait until it expires to ask for an appointment, you can ask for an appointment 90 days before it expires(180 days in the case of passports).

Below we explain the steps to follow to request an appointment for the renewal of your ID or passport.

How to request your appointment: Step by Step

ID appointment

It all starts on the website of the Appointment for ID and passport of the General Directorate of the Police.

Once you log into the system, you can obtain two types of pre-appointments:

  • Individual appointment: for the applicant, or for the first registration of a child or ward who does not have a DNI.
  • Multiple appointment: for the applicant and up to three accompanying persons.

Once you are on the portal, as shown in the image above, you have a link to start the application.

Passport prior appointment

Remember that you will need to have your ID or eID near you in order to fill in the information on this page. Now you will have to fill in a few forms, but don’t worry, all the information is in your ID.

In the next step you can choose between renewing only the DNIe or the passport, or renewing both at the same time.

Once you have chosen the option you need, a map will appear for you to choose the autonomous community where you want to renew it, followed by a list of the issuing offices available in the community you have chosen and, once you have chosen an issuing office, the opening hours and days available for renewal will appear.

When you have made your choice, remember to write down your appointment, although you can also receive a notification on your mobile phone so that you don’t forget it. And voila, you’re all set, easy, simple and no more than 10 minutes in front of the computer. This is not what you were expecting, is it?

Passport prior appointment


The process for renewing a passport is exactly the same as for the ID, so just follow the instructions above up to step 3, choose renew passport and go through the identical process.

If you still need more help, there is a user help manual that will explain the whole process in more detail.

Finally, remember that:

The passport is valid:

  • 5 years, if the holder is under 30 years of age at the date of issue.
  • From 10 years old, when you have reached 30 years of age.
  • For children under five years of age , the validity of the passport is limited to two years.
  • For minors under fourteen years of age residing in Spain who do not have a ID, they will be valid until the minor reaches that age.

On the other hand, the eID must be renewed every year:

  • 5 years if under 30,
  • 10 years if you have already passed that age
  • If you are over 70 years of age, you do not have to renew it.

It is important to bear in mind that the difference between the ID itself and the digital certificate it contains, which you can use to authenticate yourself on government web portals, request information, etc., is not the same.

Until 2015, the ID was valid for one year and its digital certificate (eID) for a shorter period – 2 years – which meant a usability problem. However, it was in 2016 when this rule was modified with the introduction of eID 3.0.

Currently, we are taking another step towards the usability of digital certificates, thanks to the entry into force of the EU 910/2014, which promotes certificates in the cloud, so that it is giving way to the development of cloud signature solutions such as Viafirma Fortress.

I hope you have found it useful. If you still have any doubts about how to make an appointment for your ID card or passport, you can always ask in the comments 😉


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