Viafirma now supports electronic ID

With the launching of Viafirma version 1.2, our validation and electronic signature platform now supports the use of the electronic ID card of the General Directorate of Police and Civil Guard.

With this functionality, Viafirma becomes the first free software platform with eID support.

If you wish, you can test your electronic ID in the demo application.

Thanks to Viafirma 1.2 it is now much easier for other applications to use the eID to authenticate their users or ask them to authorize or sign documents and transactions.

Main changes in version 1.2:

  • Support for certificate validation using OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol RFC 2560)
  • Support for authentication using the electronic ID card.
  • Support for signing documents using the electronic ID card.
  • WebSercice client API, so we now have three APIs available: RMI, WebService and OpenId.
  • Supports offline configuration, disabling the validation of revoked certificates.

Once the basic functionalities have been achieved, and with the experience gained in the installations and adaptations we have made to the platform, in the next version we will focus on improving the public documentation, creating a guide with the most common errors encountered and improvements in the integration examples.

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