Viafirma: The best alternative to DocuSign

Looking for alternatives to DocuSign? Then, keep reading! In this article we will tell you why Viafirma is the best alternative to DocuSign and other electronic signature platforms in the market. But first… Do you know why you need to implement the electronic signature in your company?

In recent years, more and more public institutions and private companies of all sizes and sectors have joined the “digital transformation” phenomenon.

This process, essential for any company that wants to remain relevant, involves the management of documents in digital format and the implementation of solutions that allow them to be digitally or electronically signed, always in compliance with the applicable regulatory framework, while offering the best usability conditions.

Although more and more people are benefiting from the economic, social and logistical advantages of digital signatures, some decision-makers are still unfamiliar with the subject due to its technical and legal connotations.

Not having detailed and rigorous information about what a particular digital signature process management tool can and cannot do can have disastrous consequences, both economically and legally. Therefore, we invite you, before making a decision in this regard, to analyze all the edges of all the solutions available on the market. We expect you, most of the time, the most known is not necessarily the most appropriate.

In this article we offer you a comparison between Viafirma and DocuSign to demonstrate that Viafirma is the best alternative to DocuSign (and other companies in the market).

Three aspects that must be evaluated for the successful implementation of digital signatures

Before we begin our comparison between Viafirma and DocuSign, we would like to focus on three aspects that we believe are key to the successful implementation of digital signatures in an organization:

  • Origin and composition of both companies

Viafirma is a 100% Spanish company that, unlike our competitors, is made up entirely of organic funds and independent capital.

This allows us to work autonomously and flexibly, and to continuously adapt to changing market needs. In short, we are more agile in every way.

  •  Legal and regulatory support

Our digital signature solutions have been developed in strict compliance with all international requirements and the world’s most stringent standards, such as the eIDAS regulation.

This allows us to offer digital signature solutions that can be used in virtually any country in the world that meets the minimum required standards.

  •  Broad range of digital signature solutions 

Viafirma cares about offering the solution that best fits the needs of each client.

For this reason, we have different solutions that adapt to the way of use of each client. In this way, we cover practically all scenarios.


Why is Viafirma the best alternative to DocuSign?

In addition to the three key elements we have seen in the previous point, there are other factors that our customers have valued positively when choosing Viafirma as the best alternative to DocuSign.

  • More economical and customized prices

Our pricing scheme follows a pro-customer logic. This means that our pricing is based on the idea that the customer should only pay for the services they use.

In addition, we take advantage of economies of scale so that “the more you use, the lower the price”, allowing our customers to save large amounts of money, especially when consumption is very high.

In short, our pricing policy aims at the highest possible efficiency, not only for Viafirma, but also for the customer. A value we do not find in other competing companies.

  • Added benefits

Viafirma is not only a great alternative to DocuSign because of its prices, it also offers added features that you will love.

  • Unlimited users and templates

Another strong point that makes Viafirma the best alternative to DocuSign is that our tools are designed to be used by an unlimited number of users, meeting the needs of both SMBs and large enterprises.

We also have modules for creating and managing templates that allow users to save time and automate the process of sending signature requests.

We help you to save time and therefore, to turn those day-to-day processes into more efficient and agile tasks.

  • Unlimited trial demo

We do not limit trial periods to weeks or months, nor do we limit the scope of use of the tool or its API.

We are aware that a new tool requires a period of adaptation and familiarization.

Therefore, we provide these test spaces identical to those of production; so that our customers can experiment, test and make all the tests they need to carry out the final step of implementation and commissioning in their business.

  • APIs available

All of our digital signature solutions have APIs available to integrate with any third-party system, software, web portal or application you need (ERP / CRM / Document Manager / SCM, etc.).

In addition, we provide an integration guide for each tool, which consists of a web manual that is constantly monitored and updated, including any enhancements that are implemented in the tools, so that the documentation does not become obsolete.

In each integration guide, we include examples to make it easier for the technicians responsible for these tasks to configure the integration.

  • Customer Service and Support

Customer orientation is one of our basic pillars in all areas (commercial, administrative, technical).

In this sense, the entire Viafirma team has the motivation, attitude and aptitude to support clients and potential clients with any doubt, whatever its nature may be.

Our support team, made up of specialized personnel with years of experience in the industry and with our products, is always available to answer any questions you may have.

In addition, the support team is available 7 days a week in Europe and Latin America, so there is no risk of being left out in the cold for any type of unforeseen event or question that may arise.

What do you think, do you think Viafirma is the best alternative to DocuSign, tell us about it!

Still not sure that we are the best alternative to Docusign?

Discover the best alternative to Docusign with Viafirma. Ask our sales team for more information about why we are the best solution to cover the digital signature needs of your business.


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