Viavansi: New website, new image, constant improvement and evolution.

We have been in the market for 17 years without stopping to innovate and grow both locally and internationally. Those years of work are bearing fruit and Viavansi is a flagship company in terms of innovation, mobility and reliable services. It is a sweet moment in which we have decided to renew the visual identity of our company, to better adapt to market demand. An international, fresh and new image that marks the beginning of a new stage, without losing the essence of the group.

Viavansi is our parent company, which in its constant purpose of facilitating the daily life of citizens and companies regarding the digital environment, has been developing different solutions that cover the needs that arise in this new digital era.

17 years have already passed since Viavansi started its activity, initially focused more on providing ICT solutions for institutions and administrations -especially electronic signatures and authentication- which have subsequently evolved into vertical solutions for sectors such as telecommunications, education, health, fintech and insurance among others. Currently, we work with a very significant number of companies with enormous international relevance in these and other sectors such as Heineken, Sura, Tigo, Barclays, Ipsen or Fundación Tripartita among others, without forgetting the governmental dimension, with clients such as the Government of Spain or the Dominican Republic.

Viafirma is the brand under which all the authentication and signature solutions are covered. Specifically, Viafirma Suite is our flagship product, since it has achieved what is recognized as universal signature, that is to say, its applications can be used with the same effectiveness from mobile devices or computers, regardless of the operating system and browser, without losing effectiveness or having a worse user experience.

On the other hand, OGoov, our solution for Open Government portals, is being responsible for developing business with public institutions and entities both in Spain and Latin America.

The Viavansi group has managed to accelerate the digital transformation and to be one of the significant elements in this process in Spain and many other countries in Latin America and Europe. Even key, if we think about the role it played (1st certification authority) and plays in the digital evolution of the Dominican Republic. In addition, faithful follower of blue ocean strategies, it has allied with the best partners to achieve its objectives in national and international markets.

We are entering a new era, with new challenges for the group but with the same spirit of camaraderie and good atmosphere with which it was born. It is interesting to note the unusual turnover rate of less than 1%, or the continuous schedule (08:00-15:00 h) that has been maintained since 2000, long before the concept of family reconciliation became fashionable.

It is in this new stage of Viavansi in which we have decided to renew our image, giving it a fresher touch, adapted to the real needs of our visitors and the latest trends in digital communication. A website that beyond showing our products, brings real value through its educational content, use cases, infographics, ebooks and much more.

We hope you like it as much as we do.


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