Content for developers to better understand some of the products offered by Viafirma

Offline user guide

Viafirma Documents app allows to create documents and manage the signing process even if our device is in offline mode. To use this feature, the user must first log in online Offline document creation from templates Templates based on PDF If your templates are based on PDF, the App allows you to create documents with […]

Which certificate has been used to sign the Viafirma Applet or JNLP?

In order to check the certificate used to sign the Viafirma Applet and JNLP the following steps must be taken: 1.- When displayed on the screen ” Do you want to run this app? ” , we click on ” More Information ” 2.- In the ”More information” window we click on ”View Certificate Details” […]

Offline user guide

In the Viafirma Documents application it’s possible to generate documents and manage the signing procedures even if our device is in offline mode. To use this feature, the user must first log in at least once via Internet Offline document generation from templates Templates based on PDF If your templates are based on PDF with […]

How to register a certificate in Viafirma Documents?

In order to register a new certificate you must consider the following indications: 1.- Login to the platform 2.- Once you are logged in, please click on the URL: 3.- Fill in the form below In the first field you will need to enter the current password of the certificate and upload it. In […]

How to position evidence in a document with Viafirma Documents back end?

The easiest way to do it is through our policy designer. We only need to select the evidence we want to use and drag it where we would like to place it. The positions are reflected with the parameters X and Y, taking as reference the lower left part of the document, where the point […]

Electronic Signature formats

Depending on your specific needs or business scenarios, you may first want to choose between different e-signature format options. Viafirma offers support to both basic and most advanced formats. Basic formats These formats provide all necessary elements to create an advanced or recognized electronic signature: XML Signature It is a specification developed under the W3C […]

I cannot run Viafirma Java Desktop in Java

If you’re having trouble running Viafirma Java Desktop on Mac, it’s probably because of some security changes in Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave versions. If we try to open an app from an identified developer that is not registered with Apple, a warning dialog box will open like the following: We explain you step by […]

Can you use stampers to justify the refusal to sign a document?

Electronic signatures should NOT always reflect that something is good or positive, they can also be used to express a negative decision on something: Electronic voting: yes, no, abstentionMedical Consent: I consent, I do not consent, I revoke consentetc. Electronic voting: yes, no, abstention Medical Consent: I consent, I do not consent, I revoke consent […]

XAdES – XML Advanced Electronic Signature

Set of advanced electronic signatures based on XML formats. Unlike an embedded system such as PDF-Signature, it’s designed to “discuss among machines”; that is, the XML format is designed for the exchange of information between automated systems. Within this signature format different extensions have evolved meeting different needs and scenarios; the extensions described below aren’t […]

How to send documents stored in Dropbox as direct download links?

In order to send documents via Dropbox without appearing the preview so that the user has access to a direct download link, we only need to make a little change on the document link. Original Dropbox link: Link: We only have to change the last URL digit: in the “0” we place “1” instead. The […]