Alternatives to Signaturit

After realizing the importance and benefits of eSignatures in any business model we must choose the solution that best suits our needs and budget.

Considering alternatives to signaturit? Check out some reasons why we think that Viafirma is a real, secure and trustworthy alternative to digitally transform your business successfully.

Alternatives to Signaturit: Why should you choose Viafirma

Unlike our competitor, Viafirma is a 100% Spanish-based company fully formed by organic funds and with own capital, hence it allows us to be highly flexible and versatile.

Our products are frequently audited and fully comply with international requirements (eIDAS Regulation) to ensure that any document that is signed with Viafirma complies with international standards.

eIDAS defines 3 types of eSignatures based on their level of security: simple, advanced and qualified electronic signature. Viafirma supports all of them, although we are experts in the advanced type, providing high levels of security and legality, while preserving simplicity in the signing process and offering excellent user experience.

Users analyzing alternatives to Signaturit

4 top reasons why companies go with Viafirma as an alternative to Signaturit


Viafirma has one of the most competitive prices in the eSignature market. Signaturit price is 360 euros for every 60 documents sent for signature compared to only 54 euros for Viafirma, 85% cheaper.

Besides, Signaturit’s rates are limited to one user, while at Viafirma there is no limit, meaning that you can create different profiles for you team for free, without any additional cost.

30-day free trial vs. 7-day free trial

Training employees on a new system or technology is not easy. Therefore, we have extended the trial period to one month to allow you take a deep dive into the advantages of our solutions, which help simplify complex business processes and offer high levels of security and better response times.

24/7 Support

Dont worry – our help desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as we have customers in both Europe and Latin America.

Best API

Well, we are doing well because our customers tell us they are delighted with our API. It offers endless options and can be easily adapted into any software, application or website.

Sign documents electronically… and there’s more!

Viafirma not only offers solutions to send documents for signature to external users. We offer the most comprehensive eSignature folder on the market that will help you streamline internal processes in a corporate environment. It also allows to setup e-signature workflows or signature delegation policies among signers.

In addition, we offer a platform where you can control, delegate and store your company’s digital certificates in secure cloud so you can use them wherever you are, allowing you to sign and carry out online procedures anywhere, on any device.


    La mejor solución de firma electrónica para tu empresa

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