Artificial Intelligence signature in the IT department

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing all work sectors, as we have seen with Chat GPT or VoiceAI. While it is true that, at present, only 30% of companies are ready to incorporate artificial intelligence solutions [according to Cisco’s AI Readiness Index – Computing (2023) study], this technology promises to do a lot in the future society. Including its integration with e-signatures. From facilitating internal talent management to being key to tripling renewable energy and sustainability, the possibilities are many. Today we talk about how it could be a great ally for corporate IT departments.

How AI-enabled e-signatures can help the IT department

Processes in which AI-enabled e-signatures could protect your business

For organizations, it is a day-to-day task to face a multitude of challenges. However, digital solutions are designed to facilitate this challenge; among them, the combination of Artificial Intelligence with electronic signature solutions would enhance the efficiency and security of digital processes in the future.

Below, we detail the phases in which combining these two innovative tools could protect your company:

  • Identity authentication. Although electronic signature solutions have authentication and user recognition systems to verify the identity of signers, the combination of the two could improve the biometric authentication associated with electronic signatures. For example, identification through facial features can be added to other biometric data incorporated in electronic signature solutions.
  • Real-time notifications. With it, you would automatically create confirmation emails or notifications via messaging applications. This would ensure that all parties involved are informed and aware of changes in real time.
  • Throughout the signing process. AI could analyze the content of documents to ensure their integrity and security before and after signing, consider users’ intentions when signing and interactions during the process. Think it’s missing something else? Relax, it could also generate documents that adapt to the real-time needs of users.
  • Fraud detection. Directly related to the ability to know the intentions of users. Have you ever been a victim of phishing or similar attacks? With AI these problems would disappear, as it could observe signers’ behaviors and detect alert signals indicative of suspicious activities in the signing process.

An integration with a very promising future

Undoubtedly, combining technological solutions such as electronic signatures and Artificial Intelligence can be a star asset not only for the IT department, but for all organizations that can benefit from it. However, due to legal doubts about the use of AI, its conceptualization is still in the early stages. Therefore, for the moment we can only imagine the positive impact it would have. Government institutions know that they are part of the future and are working on creating a regulatory framework to govern it. At the international level, for example, the European Union has been a global pioneer in proposing the first Artificial Intelligence Law, which is expected to come into force in 2025. Spain, for its part, is also positioned as a European benchmark country having created the Artificial Intelligence Oversight Agency, whose work is focused on minimizing the risks that may arise from the use of this new technology, as well as ensuring its appropriate and potential development.


Sophía, Viafirma’s Artificial Intelligence, facilitates your processes

In Viafirma we assiduously believe in the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence as an engine of change and facilitator of tasks for the user. In fact, one of our values is the commitment to constant innovation. For that reason, we have incorporated Sophía, our Artificial Intelligence assistant, created to serve all our customers, to our WhatsApp channel. Thanks to her, as a company we can:

  • Inform about Viafirma and our products
  • Solve frequently asked questions
  • Put customers in contact with the sales team
  • And much more

If you have any doubt about our products or you want to see how Sophia works in action, you can talk to her by writing to her at Viafirma’s WhatsApp, +34 674 307 139. You can enjoy her now!


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