AVANSI SRL. obtains authorization from INDOTEL for remote accreditation procedures in the Dominican Republic

On May 9th, the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel) announced the issuance of the first remote accreditations for subscribers of Qualified Digital Certificates, together with Viafirma’s Dominican subsidiary, Avansi SRL.

Remote accreditation procedures involve accurate identification of an individual remotely, using biometric data from the subscriber. This makes it much easier to request your digital certificate, no matter where you are.

Indotel President Nelson Guillén announced that this measure will strengthen cybersecurity procedures for both public and private sectors using Digital Certification services.

He also reported that this is intended to mitigate the effects of the current situation, and to enable Dominican companies to legally continue doing businesses telematically.

Indotel has worked with AVANSI SRL, the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Santo Domingo and the Presidential Office of Information and Communication Technologies (OPTIC in Spanish) to start implementing remote accreditation procedures.

Certificates issued by AVANSI can be used by subscribers as a means of identification in their field of activity. In addition, the subscriber will be able to sign documents and emails, as well as to authenticate in an information system, replacing the user/password login, using cyber security measures to enable 100% secure transactions.


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