Viafirma is now considered a Qualified Trust Service Provider for the Spanish Government

On Wednesday, April 29th, it became official that Viafirma is a recognised Qualified Trust Service Provider by the Spanish Government, being able to act within the whole European framework as well as becoming the first company in Andalusia to obtain this type of distinction.

As Qualified Trust Service Providers, we are authorized to provide qualified timestamping services. According to Regulation (EU) eIDAS, as qualified trust service providers our timestamping service certifies that a document has been created during a specific time, as well as legally recognized throughout Europe.

In 2019, the certification process began due to the audit process carried out by AENOR – a company belonging to ENAC (National Accreditation Body) which was designated by the Government to operate in Spain as the sole National Accreditation Body – . This entity certified Viafirma’s condition to be considered as QTSP, which was later validated by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of Spain.

Viafirma features an extensive innovative history as specialists in providing digital signature and identity solutions, being the 1st ever certificate-based signing platform for iOS and Android worldwide, the 1st Certification Authority in the Dominican Republic, as well as the platform that the Dominican Government has recently adopted to electronically sign all legal documents of the country.


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