Digital Kit: Get up to 12,000 euros for the digital transformation of your business

The Digital Kit Program is aimed at small businesses, micro-enterprises and self-employed individuals.

What is the Digital Kit Program?

Digital Kid is an aid program in the form of subsidies (digital bonus) for the digitalization of small businesses, microenterprises and self-employed individuals; within the framework of the Spain Digital Agenda 2025 and the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan for Spain, financed by the European Union – Next Generation EU Funds.

Viafirma wants to be your Digitizing Agent

You will be able to use the aid granted to contract one or more of the digitalization solutions available in a Solutions Catalog offered by the Digital Kit Program: Website and Internet presence, e-Commerce, Social Network Management, Customer/Supplier Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Process Management, Electronic Invoicing, Virtual Office Services and Tools, Secure Communications, and Cybersecurity.

Viafirma can help you choose digitization solutions from the following categories: Process Management, Virtual Office Services and Tools, and Secure Communications; we provide the necessary services for their implementation, including support and training for their use and management.

Viafirma is a software development company specialized in solutions related to electronic signatures; we will collaborate in the Digital Kit Program as a Digitalizing Agent.

What to do to get your digital kit?


1st Step – Perform the self-diagnostic test

It is necessary to determine the degree of digital maturity of your business. To do so, register in the private area of the Acelera Pyme Program website and take the self-diagnosis test.

Person performing the self-diagnostic test
Person consulting the digital kit solutions catalog

2nd Step- Consult the digitization solutions catalog

Consult the digitalization solutions catalog offered by the Digital Kit Program. Viafirma can help you to determine the digitalization needs of your company, and to choose the most appropriate solutions to use the Digital Kit for electronic signature.

3rd Step- Request your digital kit in RED.ES

If you meet the conditions established in the terms and conditions of the call, you can benefit from up to 12,000 euros for the digital transformation of your business. Contact us, we will advise you about it, and we will assist you in all the steps for the application, management and accreditation of grants.

Viafirma, your digitizing agent

The presentation of the applications is in non-competitive concurrence until the exhaustion of the budgetary credit of the call, doing it before can guarantee you the obtaining of the aid for the digitalization of your business.


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