Carlos V Language School (EICV)

Today we want to present the success story of a company in the non-regulated training sector, specialized in language courses. Do you know Carlos V Language School? We tell you how incorporating the electronic signature in the education sector helped, with great results, this business.

Founded in 2014, Carlos V Language School is a Center Accredited by the Cervantes Institute for the teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE). Although it initially specialized as an English academy, it gradually incorporated other languages. Thanks to this condition, they began to develop cultural immersion programs around the Spanish language, managing several lines of business that deal with educational experiences as well as linguistic ones. The schools in Seville and Malaga are part of Carlos V Educación, an educational organization whose aim is to promote language learning and highlight the cultural richness of our country.

They needed a digital signature solution, and discovered Viafirma

The electronic signature is key in the non-regulated training sector. On a daily basis, both students and the centers themselves carry out administrative procedures that require verification of the person’s identity: enrollment in courses, payment of administrative fees, issuance of certificates, signing of contracts…

Although these are procedures that until recently were done manually, the context of increasing digital transformation and immediacy in which we live requires tools capable of simplifying and adapting to new global needs, which are often created from within the organization. For this, it is essential to have electronic signature solutions.

The Carlos V Language School was a case of companies that needed to adjust to this reality and transform digitally:

“On a day-to-day basis, we had difficulties in the lack of confirmation and signature of documents. We needed a tool that would allow us to have documents signed by different people and/or companies“, says Daimis Miranda, member of EICV’s Marketing Department”.

Viafirma’s solution was the electronic signature tool that facilitated this procedure to EICV. With the integration of Viafirma with their systems, they were able to streamline internal processes of digital signature, sending, receiving and storing documents from different people; but also had a positive impact on the satisfaction of their students and staff, by improving and facilitating processes such as student enrollment or contract signatures.

Thus, incorporating electronic signatures in the education sector was an optimal decision for this organization.

An implementation with optimal results

The integration of our electronic signature solution in the educational sector was optimal, obtaining positive quantitative and qualitative results, both for the clients and for the staff of Escuela de Idiomas Carlos V. All this with a simple implementation and without surprises.

Do you want to incorporate a digital signature solution in your school? Viafirma can offer you management tools that will help you to use the electronic signature in the educational sector, from a legal, safe and efficient perspective, speeding up your processes. Contact us and we will show you how we can help you.



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