Paperless Solutions

Have you heard of paperless solutions? More and more companies are incorporating digital tools to automate their processes and avoid the use of paper, which means significant savings in time and operating costs.

In this context, we explain you how digital transformation helps you to accelerate the closing of agreements and to achieve a paperless office with Viafirma.

Paperless solutions for your digital transformation

When we talk about eliminating paper and automating workflows, we are referring to the use of digital tools and technologies to facilitate and streamline manual processes that require time and effort.

Digital transformation involves improving business processes through the use of technology. Over time, your organization will gain a competitive advantage and be able to differentiate your services in the marketplace. A digitization strategy coupled with paperless solutions prepares your company to thrive in a future where technology is the economic driver.

What are paperless solutions?

The implementation of a paperless office has become an easily achievable goal thanks to the many digital storage tools and platforms that exist today.

As the name suggests, a paperless solution minimizes the use of physical paper by replacing it with electronic contracts. Instead of storing tons of physical documents in filing cabinets, companies digitize and store them on computers and in the cloud.

Advantages of implementing digital transformation in a company

Here are four key business benefits of digital transformation that you can’t afford to miss out on:

Improve customer experience

The obsession with the latest technology, social networks and apps means that people are looking for ever simpler and more effective solutions to their problems.

Customer experience is at the heart of everything digital. Therefore, the main objective of digital transformation is to use the most advanced technology to improve the user experience.

Ensuring business viability

Keeping abreast of the latest technologies is easy when you are already taking steps on the road to digital transformation. However, technology evolves rapidly and it is common to fall behind. Having the latest technologies and real-time data in a secure environment is crucial for any industry, not only to stay current, but to ensure a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Increases operational efficiency

Digital transformation improves your company’s operational efficiency. It unifies complex manual processes and reduces costs. Having the right digital tools in place and ensuring that they work together will streamline workflow and increase productivity.

Streamlining communication

Communication is key. An effective digital transformation toolkit contains resources that streamline the various lines of communication in your organization, whether between systems, employees, customers or partners.

Electronic signature, a paperless solution for your digital transformation

Signing documents of various types to authenticate the identity of a subject or to approve an agreement is a constant need in every department of a company. It allows you to digitally sign any contract with employees, suppliers or transport delivery notes from anywhere and on any device, without the need for an electronic certificate from the parties.

Electronic signatures help reduce expenses such as paper, printing, mailing and physical storage of documents. In addition, it significantly reduces the time it takes to close an agreement.

Do you know Viafirma?

Viafirma is a company that offers paperless electronic signature solutions for companies and public entities with the aim of helping them to complete the digital transformation process, converting tedious paper-based procedures into efficient digital processes and streamlining internal processes.

Our software is presented as the most efficient way to close electronic agreements, allowing the closing of remote agreements with total guarantees from any place and device.


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