Electronic signature with Wacom

Do you want to start using electronic signatures with Wacom? Are you wondering what the benefits are? Today, many companies still sign their documents the traditional way, with pen on paper. This slows down the completion of business contracts and increases operating costs. Fortunately, there are tools that allow you to digitize these handwritten signatures.

In this article we will show you the advantages of the electronic signature with Wacom and how you can implement it in your company with Viafirma.

What is electronic signature with Wacom?

It is an intuitive, flexible and secure biometric signature solution for digitizing handwritten signatures.

It collects information throughout the entire signing process, including the pressure exerted, speed and inclination of the stroke. This data is verifiable and makes it possible to deliver an extraordinary signing experience where the signature looks and feels just as if it were executed on paper.

All Wacom devices can be paired with any operating system, be it Windows, Linux, iOS or Android.

Legal guarantee

This type of signature is especially useful in face-to-face scenarios where the signer must sign an electronic document. It complies with the advanced electronic signature requirements:

  • Data exclusively linked to the person signing.
  • Allows the signer to be unequivocally identified.
  • It is linked to the signed data in such a way that any subsequent modification of this data is detectable and allows its invalidation.
  • Linking biometric data with the signed document.
  • Integrity of the signed data.
  • Inability to embed signature in other documents
  • Possibility of biometric verification of the holder’s signature.
person using the electronic signature with Wacom


Main advantages of electronic signature with Wacom

The biometric signature is following a positive trend in recent years among large corporations thanks to the many advantages it brings:

  • All documents are properly protected
  • Easier to locate documents
  • It reduces waiting times
  • It avoids the storage of physical documents

Our electronic signature solution with Wacom

The use of biometrics is not something of the future, it is a technology that is being used today and is on the rise thanks to the many benefits it offers. Thanks to Wacom tablets, Viafirma Documents is introducing biometric technology into its applications, allowing electronic contracts to be signed online in a 100% legal and secure way.


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