ID 4.0

In August 2021, our ID 3.0, still in force, was replaced by the id 4.0, also known as European ID. A new identifier that is more secure and more difficult to forge, which means an important change both in its format and in its use.

In this article we explain what it consists of, its main new features and how you can use it to validate electronic contracts with Viafirma

What is ID 4.0?

The ID 4.0 is a ID designed to be digitized into an application that we can carry in our mobile device. It will be mandatory for the entire European Union, with the deadline for obtaining it being August 2031, so there will be no need for its mandatory renewal until then. It will be recognized in all member countries and it will be easier for citizens to identify themselves.

The idea is that all the countries of the European Union prepare the so-called European digital wallet so that we can carry our new ID 4.0 in digital format, thus adapting to current technologies.

This option is not yet available; we will have to wait for the development of the official applications that both Spain and the European Union are preparing. The idea is that by simply bringing the ID card close to the device using contactless technology, the connection will be established and we will be able to take full advantage of the benefits of electronic identity.

In addition, it will include advanced security systems, necessary for storing sensitive information. It is compatible with the LDS2 standard for the electronic passport and complies with the security and interoperability certifications of the new European eIDAS regulation for the recognition of electronic identities. All information will be encrypted using AES-128 and SHA-256, with 256-bit keys.

Main new features of ID 4.0

The following are the most significant changes in terms of format and data storage.

  • Front side changes

The front side has a holographic patch, a transparent window with laser engraving, an optically variable ink rectangle, high relief engraving, the numeric key for digital session, a CLI (changeable laser image) section, a security offset background, and words written with UV inks.

Front side of the new ID 4.0
  • Changes at the back side

On the back are optically variable ink characters, microtext, UV ink words, and a dual interface microchip, an ARM Cortex M, along with 350 KB of flash memory to store biometric identification data, authentication certificates, and electronic signature, as well as a high-resolution facial image and two fingerprints.

Back side of the new ID 4.0


The National Police, in a joint effort with The National Mint, has designed a support that includes material characteristics, functional security techniques and usability, incorporating aspects that “armor” the document and make it difficult to forge.

Use your ID 4.0 and sign documents with Viafirma

Using our ID 4.0, we will create a qualified electronic signature. This type of electronic signature provides the same or greater legal validity as a traditional paper signature.

In addition, it supports NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. This is based on a high-frequency but short-range (10-15 cm) wireless technology and is mainly intended for mobile devices.

With Viafirma’s App and your ID 4.0 you will be able to make qualified signatures in any of your electronic documents.


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