Exporting/Importing templates in Documents

Exporting a template in Viafirma Documents is quite easy following the next steps:

  • Go to the “Templates” menu item and find the template to export.
  • Click on the edit icon.
  • In the Detail of the template go to “History”.
  • Once inside download the template and the form and save both files in the computer.

Once these files have been downloaded we will create a new template from both of them where we will carry out the import.

  • Go to the menu item “Templates” and click on “Add” at the end of the list.
  • Enter the Code and Title of the template and Save.
  • In the template detail, in the Document button we upload the previously downloaded template:
  • Select the document from your computer and “Save”.
  • Now we will proceed to load the form in 2 steps, first on the Form button and then on the Policies button:

In both options we will upload them in the following section:

With this we will obtain a template identical to the one imported in the first steps.


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