How to sign a document electronically

Do you know how to sign a document electronically? In recent years, many technological solutions have emerged to help companies automate their agreement process.

However, are technical skills required to use these kind of tools? Below we will show you how to validate your business agreements in a simple way using Viafirma.

How to sign a document electronically, knowing full legal support

Today these processes are fully supported by regulations in force, being stricter in some countries and more flexible in others

eIDAS regulation, the strictest regulation in terms of electronic identification and trust services in Europe, includes different ways sign a document electronically. Although all are legally binding some offer a higher level of security. Let us focus on the ones that offer a reasonable level of security.

Digital certificate signature

A secure and legally binding alternative when signing documents is using personal or corporate digital certificates in Adobe. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Look for the tools tab and click on certificates.
  • This will automatically take us to the document, click on digitally sign and draw a box to locate the digital certificate signature.
Captura de pasos para firmar documento con certificado en Adobe
  • Finally, select your certificate and click on sign
Digital certificate signature snapshot with Adobe

Simpler alternatives

Viafirma offers simpler E-signature solutions that do not require certificates and are designed to cover complex processes. All of them are legally binding and will hold up in any court of law.

Below are a few examples:

  • Biometric signature. Handwritten E-signature drawn on tablets or signature pads with a stylus pen capable of collecting a wealth of biometric data
  • OTP SMS. Shortcode sent via SMS to the signer’s phone number. Allows users to sign from anywhere
  • Digitized signature. Handwritten signature drawn with the finger or mouse. Recommended for those procedures that are not really important, as it is not a very secure option.

Request E-Signatures easily

Viafirma software is designed to close any kind of agreement online, converting tedious paper-based transactions into efficient digital processes. E-signatures are a great asset for companies that commit to digital transformation as they help increase operational efficiency.

We help you achieve a paperless office and we automate you agreement process. This allows you to digitize all your documents and increase office space by minimizing paper. E-signatures adds value to your business and will help you attract more customers.


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