Is it possible to eSign a document without using digital certificates?

Yes. You are able to eSign a document using biometric or digitized signatures, knowing full legal support.

Digitized or biometric signatures are handwritten eSignatures that do not require the use of certificates but a device that is able to capture a wealth of biometric data from the signatory.

If we do not have a specific device for this, we can still sign our documents with full legal guarantees. Therefore a handwritten eSignature can be collected, together with a second evidence (e.g, OTP SMS, OTP email, etc). Therefore, the signer\’s identity can be uniquely identified via their smartphone.

Hence, these signature features enable to capture, generate and store enough data to be considered advanced electronic signature:

  • It uniquely identifies its signatory
  • Uniquely linkage between signatory and data signed
  • The signature must be capable of identifying if its accompanying data has been tampered with after the message was signed
  • The signatory is the only person who can sign.

Viafirma suite products include all the signature features listed above. It also allows the user to add further evidence (e.g., current location, image attachments, attachments, timestamps, etc). This way we increase the legal validity of the signature in case of repudiation.


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