Firma con tu certificado digital renovado en 2022

Sign with your renewed digital certificate in 2022

Nowadays, it is common to have to carry out procedures electronically, which requires the use of electronic certificates and programs to sign documents digitally. However, recently, there has been a problem with the use of certificates issued by the FNMT in Adobe Reader, which has generated a great deal of controversy and has not yet been resolved.

Who cannot sign with the renewed FNMT digital certificate?

This bug affects all certificates issued by the FNMT as of October 2022 and, although they are recognized by Adobe’s software, they cannot be used to sign documents.

Users find the problem that, after selecting the option to sign digitally, the renewed digital certificate does not appear in the list. This has led to a search for alternatives to perform this task securely and reliably. In fact, in a community thread on the Adobe Reader website several users have shared this problem.

Solution for signing documents with your renewed digital certificate

A highly recommended option is to use Viafirma, our electronic signature solution for documents offers a wide variety of options and security to carry out procedures and business processes digitally.

Among Viafirma’s advantages is its ease of use, with an intuitive interface that allows you to sign documents quickly and easily.

In addition, it offers high standards of security and information protection, which guarantees the confidentiality and privacy of the documents that are signed.

Another of Viafirma’s features is that it is compatible with different types of digital certificates, so it is an ideal solution for those people who have problems with the use of certificates issued by the FNMT in Adobe Reader.


In short, if you are looking for a secure and reliable tool to sign documents electronically with your renewed digital certificate, Viafirma can help you. We offer ease of use, security and flexibility in the use of different types of certificates, so it is the best solution to overcome the current problem with the use of certificates issued by the FNMT in Adobe Reader.


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