Viafirma mejor alternativa a Signaturit

Best Alternative to Signaturit

If you have arrived here, it is because you are familiar with the world of electronic signatures or you are looking for the best alternative to Signaturit. As you know, the electronic signature is the tool designed to complete administrative procedures such as contracts (but not only that), in a matter of minutes, in a secure, easy and fast way. For organizations, it is the ideal tool to streamline processes and keep their digital transformation processes up to date. For many, it is even the way to make the leap towards digitization.

If this is your case, there may be several reasons that have led you to look for this blog post:

  • You may be wondering what are the differences between Viafirma and Signaturit
  • You are looking for an electronic signature tool for your business
  • You already use it, but you want to try and find a better alternative to Signaturit

Whatever the reason that made you enter this post, we assure you that our tools will not leave you indifferent.

Comparison: Why is Viafirma a better alternative to Signaturit?

We know that there are many electronic signature programs on the market. And no wonder: according to Business Research Insights, the global digital signature market is expected to exceed $30.33 billion by 2031. Factors such as remote collaboration, security and authenticity seem to be key factors in the exponential growth of these technological solutions.

For that reason, we want to help you choose the best option for you. We are not trying to convince you to choose Viafirma; we want to give you an objective and clear vision of the characteristics of our products compared to one of the main references in the market: Signaturit. Thus, you will be able to choose the most convenient option for the digital transformation of your business.

Find out, below, why Viafirma is the best alternative to Signaturit.

A more attractive and competent price

We have one of the most competitive prices in the electronic signature market. After analyzing the rates offered by Signaturit and thanks to the information provided by our customers, the savings can be between 70%-80% per year. As you can see, it’s a big difference, which you could spend on other aspects aimed at digitally transforming your organization or, simply, directing it to another department.

In addition, Signaturit’s rates are restricted to a single user, while in Viafirma the number of users is unlimited. The same happens with groups and templates: with Viafirma, you can use templates and create all the groups you want.

We are endorsed by international recognition

We are proud to be a 100% Spanish company with very relevant certifications and recognitions, including the Advanced Digitalized Manuscript Signature Certificate, by EADTrust, with certificate number: FMDA-2018-013. In addition, our products are fully compliant with international requirements on the subject (elDAS regulations), so we guarantee that no document you elaborate will have validity problems.

A powerful, flexible and multi-device API

We are known for having one of the most powerful and customizable electronic signature APIs in the industry. Regardless of the mobile operating system you use, you can find our Native Apps in IOS and Android. If the right conditions are met (use of the app and device capable of capturing biometric signature data), you will even be able to make a biometric signature.

But it doesn’t stop there. All our solutions (electronic signature, time stamps, digital certificate manager…) are ready to be integrated with third parties, which will give you flexibility and ease to design corporate documents with different evidences. This, added to the fact that all signature types are combinable (handwritten signature, with digital certificate or in the cloud, OTP code…) and you can include more than one in the same document, crown Viafirma as the best alternative to Signaturit.

Sign and send your applications with WhatsApp

Last year we were one of the pioneers in offering the possibility of sending signature requests via WhatsApp. Being Qualified Service Providers of the European Union, we guarantee the validity and security of the signatures you make with our electronic solutions, regardless of the device or channel you use.

One of the main advantages of using Viafirma as a channel to send your signature requests is the higher opening rate of the messages. They will see your requests more easily, you will be able to close new sales or keep the contact with the users.

Our audit firm protects and backs you legally

Because we care about your security and we want you to have peace of mind, we accompany you throughout the signing process. We carry out an audit of each signature process with all the information of the validation moment to guarantee its integrity: signers’ data, document signatures status or validity of the certificate used, among others. The result is sealed and guarded by Viafirma, being possible to download the audit to access it at any time.

And if you are wondering, we also protect you in judicial procedures. Our solutions have a biometric audit software that reproduces the client’s grade before a judicial procedure. Although, of course, we hope you won’t have to make use of it for this reason.


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