What is the purpose of the digital signature in each department of the company?

Many companies are interested in going digital, but they do not know exactly what tools they need and what are the advantages that this might bring. One of the most useful tools to start the process of digital transformation in an entity is precisely the integration of the digital signature into your signature and authentication processes with both clients and employees. Therefore, we will detail how the integration of a digital signature solution affects to the entity and what features and benefits it can bring to each department.

The digital signature, as well as other tools aimed at achieving digital transformation within the company, must be implemented in all areas of the organization. It is not enough for a single department to use it, but they have to do it all in order to get the most out of these utilities.

Therefore, we will review the different departments to which Viafirma solutions can help improve their performance and provide many other advantages.

What is the purpose of having a digital signature in the Human Resources department?

Employees needs to sign many documents (e.g., confidential agreements, sick leave, etc

Even sometimes, there are other departments involved in addition to Human Resources, and digital signatures help streamline these processes and prevent slowing down or stopping because in case there is someone not available.

Accelerating the business process is key in large companies that are usually burdened by bureaucratized ways of work. They are also useful for international franchises, avoiding the need to be physically present in the selection processes or when signing contracts.

According to a study conducted by Incipy, 79% of the companies surveyed had started the process of digital transformation or were even very advanced in that aspect within the Human Resources department. This data highlights the importance that the vast majority of organizations give to digital transformation.

What is the purpose of having a digital signature in the sales department?

Digitization has meant a great change in the proper functioning of the sales department, thanks to the fact that now the vast majority of documents (eg., appointments, contracts, proposals …) are digitized and stored digitally, with the possibility of being indexed, searched and distributed with one click.

Dos empleadas prueban la firma biométrica

Even so, both negotiation and signing process continue to suffer slowdowns, waiting to receive an email, a call or a visit from the manager. Often, for a deal to go ahead, it requires the approval of several executives and fill in complex internal forms, which must be printed, filled out and scanned.

Thanks to Viafirma Documents, users are able to sign all these documents on the same device, without having to print them or even sending paperwork between the people involved.

In addition, the use of paper has several disadvantages, which are best to avoid, especially when dealing with important business issues. Paper sheets are fragile, they can be lost if they are not well organized, or they can be broken in the event of an accident, and they are not modifiable in case there is an error to be corrected.

The latter is vital when it comes to correcting contracts that need to be updated and not sending one that is obsolete and that may pose legal problems for the company. In addition, in this way, all documents are easier to follow and to know where they are; in what state and by what hands they have passed.

What is the purpose of having a digital signature in the finance and accounting department?

The finance department is in charge of handling money, working with stcks of documents like invoices, budgets, expense forecasts, etc.

This department is based on workflows that involve many people in the company and different hierarchies.

In addition, the digital signature offers full legal guarantees, identical to the traditional signature. This type of signature is legally binding and admissible as valid evidence against any court because our Suite meet all the requirements to be considered advanced electronic signature. All this is supported by the eIDAS regulation (EU 910/2014), applicable throughout the European Union.

What is the purpose of having a digital signature in the distribution department?

Although not all companies have the need for a distribution department, those that do have it can also enjoy the advantages of the digital signature and improve its operations thanks to its integration and use.

Within the messaging service, this technology eliminates the need to sign any contract, or modification of services, provided there is no physical delivery or receipt of merchandise, which produces significant savings in paper costs and a positive impact on the environment. Everything is replaced with digital files.

Distribution workers tend to be in constant movement, which is why it is a department that benefits a lot from the centralized signature. Thanks to Viafirma Fortress, the certificate is stored in the cloud at all times and it is permanently accessible.

In addition, the digital signature offers greater legal security because it includes more details than the traditional one, such as the exact time and place and other technical or biometric evidences that make the act of collection and the identity of the receiver irretrievable.

You can even improve the delivery control process thanks to tools like Viafirma Documents, since it has the option to monitor in real time on a map the position of each of the signatures.

How can CEOs take advantage of digital signatures?

Responsibilities and workload increase as you start climbing the corporate ladder . That is why, for CEOs, time is precious.

For this reason, the delegation of tasks is a primary activity in this type of position, in which time is money and need help from other employees to lighten their workload and focus on the most important responsibilities that only he can play.

The CEO of any company has the obligation to sign a great amount of documents a day and probably do not have enough time to do so. For this reason, the signature delegation is extremely useful, almost necessary, so that the secretary or other trusted position can make use of its signature without the need for it to be present.

Viafirma Inbox is a tool specifically designed for delegating the signature. It is a digital signature folder to manage the delegated signatures, in which you can establish different levels of permissions for each person:

  • Review: the delegated user can see the pending tasks established by the delegator, order them, and write comments, etcetera.
  • Approved: in addition to the above, the user can also approve the tasks.
  • Signature: in addition to the above, the user has permissions to use the delegated electronic signature.

In short, going digital is possible thanks to solutions like those offered by Viafirma. In addition, digital transformation must be implemented in the whole company. As you can see, each part and/or department of the company can use digital signatures, thus improving the overall productivity.


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