The electronic signature in Panama

In this case, the legal framework is defined by two laws and an Executive Decree, Ley 51 del 22 de Julio del 2008, la Ley 82 del 9 de Noviembre de 2012 and Decreto Ejecutivo 684 del 18 de Octubre del 2013. According to these regulations, we are dealing with e-signature and qualified electronic signature.

The e-signature is defined as: A set of sounds, symbols or data linked to an electronic document, which has been adopted or used by a person with the intention of identifying himself, accepting or adhering to the content of an electronic document.

The qualified e-signature is defined as: electronic signature that meets electronic signature requirements and is supported by a qualified digital certificate.

Panamanian law is somewhat different from other Latin American laws, since the validity of an electronic signature depends on the importance of the document. Thus, the e-signature is generally accepted, however, in cases where the signature is required under oath, a qualified electronic signature would be required.