4 applications of electronic signatures in management consulting firms

Are you wondering if it is profitable to use electronic signatures in consulting firms? In general, these companies process huge amounts of documents on a daily basis, so tools that help digitize and automate their management will improve business productivity.

Within this process of digital transformation, we tell you the reasons why the electronic signature is presented as an essential tool for this type of industry.

Electronic signature in consulting firms

When carrying out procedures, both individuals and organizations use digital signatures as a secure means of authentication to prove their identity.

Any successful consulting firm that handles an extensive amount of documents does not want to wait too long for a signature process to be completed. The electronic signature in consulting firms allows an agreement to be closed online and securely, so that by using it we can focus on other tasks that are more important.

Thus, consulting firms will also be able to offer customized services to clients online.

Main uses of electronic signatures in consulting firms

Here are six of the most useful uses of this telematics solution.

Acceleration of the closing of agreements

Signing documents with a pen is a thing of the past. Electronic signatures are the most efficient way to close contracts electronically. The number of consulting firms using it is increasing rapidly because of the advantage of being able to close deals in a matter of seconds.

Solutions like this allow to formalize contracts remotely with total guarantees, avoiding any unnecessary travel and without the need for an electronic certificate.

Conveys professionalism

As you know, drafting contracts and agreements is not an easy task. Our electronic signature software for consulting firms allows you to save and customize numerous consulting agreement templates so that they can be used whenever you need them.

This will demonstrate the professionalism of your services as well as the company’s ability to perform the function entrusted to it.

electronic signature, a key tool for consulting firms

Audit reports

When the time comes to audit the company, a large number of variables will be evaluated in detail. It is essential to document everything related to the performance of the audit, as well as the drafting of a final report.

We are talking about large amounts of documentation, which is an inconvenience for professionals when carrying out their work.

To solve this drawback, digital devices can be of great use to make your notes and complete the necessary documents. In these cases, it is very useful the biometric signature, made in pads or signature tablets capable of collecting biometric data that bind the signer unequivocally.

An auditor knows what data to collect during the inspection, so the advantage that can come with the use of customized intelligent forms is also noteworthy. These streamline data recording while preventing the entry of erroneous information.

Increased safety and regulatory compliance

Thanks to European laws such as eIDAS, electronic signatures have the same legal recognition as traditional handwritten signatures. An electronically signed contract ensures that the content cannot be modified, thus guaranteeing the authentication of the contract and the identity of the signatory, so that any subsequent modification of the same is detectable.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

Don’t you find it old-fashioned to have to print a document, sign it and have to send it back? Our electronic signature software in consulting firms allows you to upload documents in electronic format for signature, define templates, set the type of electronic signature, send the document for signature and once signed receive it back automatically.

Automate internal management

Electronic signatures in consulting firms do not only offer advantages at the external level. Like any other company, a consulting firm has different departments that handle piles of documents on a daily basis, especially the human resources department.

As mentioned above, this telematics solution helps to reduce waiting times for the completion of any process. This will allow departments to focus on other tasks that require greater importance, increasing the performance and efficiency of your consulting firm.


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