Is it possible to go paperless in your company?

The goal of going paperless is fundamental for all companies committed to the environment and is based on replacing document flows with electronic media. This reduces the environmental impact and optimizes certain processes.

Companies work daily with hundreds or even thousands of documents to carry out and manage the various professional tasks involved in the services they provide.

The management of these large volumes of paper requires not only the dedication of human resources to its proper handling and control, but also the investment in conditioned spaces dedicated to the proper storage of all physical documentation.

The use of physical documents is also a risk, not only because they need to be stored in optimal conditions for proper preservation, but also because of the wear and tear associated with using them for consultations, deliveries, reviews, and so on.

Putting an end to all these drawbacks is not only an option that any company can take at any time, it is the solution to each of the aforementioned obstacles. As if that were not enough, the goal of going paperless is also an essential measure to reduce the company’s environmental impact; something that any committed company should value.

Environmental responsibility

The environment is a very important factor to take into account in relation to a company’s paper consumption.

Small actions can have big environmental results, so setting a goal to reduce or eliminate paper use in a company directly supports a more sustainable natural environment and works with care and respect for the environment.

Furthermore, reducing costs is one of the main goals of a company, and going paperless means saving costs and therefore obtaining higher profits.

How can electronic signatures help to achieve the zero-paper target?

Most documents managed by an organization require the approval or signature of members and employees of the organization or external parties (customers, suppliers, etc.).

Being able to manage and electronically sign any type of document reduces the amount of printing that is normally done or can even eliminate printing altogether.

It also saves time by eliminating the need for people to physically travel to the location of the physical document to sign it, a process that can be very long and tedious when a document needs to be signed by multiple people in different locations.

Advantages of choosing Viafirma

We are an innovative company dedicated to the provision of Trusted Digital Services. Specifically, we specialize in the development of software solutions related to electronic signatures.

Our tools provide organizations with the ability to streamline the signing of all types of documents in a legal and secure manner.

With our support, any private company, large or small, or any public administration can achieve the ambitious goal of going paperless. If you want to know more about the functionalities of our products and how they can be adapted to your needs, contact us!


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