Volunteer Representative Electronic Signature

Do you know why the electronic signature of a Voluntary Representative can be very useful for your company? The voluntary representative or advisor, whether an individual or a legal entity, acts on behalf of the company on many occasions when required, for example to apply for the Digital Kit program. It plays a key role in helping in the digitalization of SMEs, micro-SMEs and freelancers.

In this context we explain the advantages of the electronic signature of the Voluntary Representative to speed up the authorization process with the companies.

Submit your Digital Kit application through a Volunteer Representative

Applicants for grants under the Digital Kit Program may submit the documentation through a voluntary representative. In this case, applications must be accompanied by an authorization of voluntary representation using the model established in the ConvocatoriaApplication.

This voluntary representative authorization form must be validated by means of an electronic signature system.

Viafirma: The most flexible electronic signature of voluntary representative

In Viafirma we are Qualified Trusted Electronic Service Providers and we offer you different types of signature solutions that meet the specifications established in the Call for Proposals:

Here you can download the Authorization Form for Voluntary Representative Web Version, or Mobile Version.

Aid for the digitalization of companies in Segment I (between 10 and 49 employees) can now be applied for and will be granted in order of presentation of applications while credit is available. Doing it before can guarantee you to obtain the aid for the digitization of your business.

Contact Viafirma i you want to sign your volunteer representative authorization to access the Digital Kit Program.

Viafirma, your Digitizing Agent

At Viafirma we are a Digitizing Agent of the Digital Kit Program. We offer digitization solutions in the following categories:

  • Process management
  • Virtual office services and tools
  • Secure communications

Request your voucher and streamline your company’s operations with our electronic document signature and digital certificate management solutions.


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