Questions and answers related to electronic signatures and digital certificates

Connect Viafirma to Zapier

Zapier lets you connect Viafirma to 2,000+ other web services. Automated connections called Zaps, set up in minutes with no coding, can automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between apps that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Each Zap has one app as the Trigger, where your information comes from and which causes one or more […]

When opening a signed PDF document, Adobe Acrobat Reader prompts ”At least one signature has problems”What does it mean? How can I fix it?

When we open a signed PDF, Adobe displays an error message: ”At least one signature has problems” In the new Adobe Reader version, this message will be prompt as follows: ”The validity of the document certification is UNKNOWN. The author could not be verified” This message is shown in the signature panel and in signature […]

Clear cache on any web browser

To clear cache from Google Chrome, follow the steps below: In the upper right part tap on the three-point icon. Click «More tools» On the drop-down menu click «Clear browsing data» 4. On time select «all time» 5. We tick «Cached images and files» checkbox and also tick «Cookies and other site data» if it […]

eHealth – Informed Consent

What is informed consent? Informed consent is a formal medical procedure aimed to apply the principle of autonomy of the patient, meaning the obligation to respect patients as individuals and to honor their medical care preferences. eSalud refers to health care practices all supported by information and communications technology (ICT) In some cases such as […]

Mobile ID – Barcelona City Hall

If you have any questions about how to access to both town hall and entity services that use Mobile ID, please contact us through the following link: Mobile ID is a digital identity solution on mobile device to identify you and to legally, easily and securely sign documents.

How is the signature request expiration time managed?

It will depend of how this request was configured: If the procedure was issued by a API, the expiration time is the one already set by this API. If the procedure is related to a work group and this group has a expiration setting configured, this expiration time will be the one of the request. […]

Advantages of the electronic signature

What do I need to sign documents electronically? Once you have obtained your digital certificate the other requirements will depend on the validation and digital signature platform used In order to sign electronically you need a digital certificate issued by a Trust Service Provider (EU) or Certification Authority (Latin America). The certificate can be issued in hardware or physical media (SmartCards such as the Spanish electronic ID card) […]

Electronic Signature formats

Depending on your specific needs or business scenarios, you may first want to choose between different e-signature format options. Viafirma offers support to both basic and most advanced formats. Basic formats These formats provide all necessary elements to create an advanced or recognized electronic signature: XML Signature It is a specification developed under the W3C […]

Three types of Electronic Signatures

If we look at eIDAS regulation, based on the level of security of each three types of electronic signatures are defined: Even with different security levels, all three types of signatures are perfectly legal. Choosing one or the other will depend on each particular case, as well as the type of document you want to […]

How many types of electronic signatures exist? Which ones does Viafirma support?

There are several types of advanced electronic signatures, depending on the need or requirement: Server-based signature. Automatic signature without required user interaction. Attended signature. Standard eSignature with required user interaction Bulk signing. eSigning several documents in one go. Multisignature. The same document eSigned by several signers. Bulk multisignature. Several documents eSigned in one go by […]

Biometric or Digitized Signature

The digitized or Biometric Signature are electronic handwritten signatures we draw on graphic tablets. However, there isn’t a single definition for these signatures in this industry. There are many different usage scenarios, for example card payments (as in Mercadona or El Corte Inglés), receiving online orders from Correos ( State-owned Spanish courier) or any other […]

What are digital certificates?

Definition and types Digital certificates are digital documents through which a trusted third party (Certification Authority or Trust Service Provider) guarantees the link between the identity of a person or entity and his public key. A digital certificate can be issued in different formats and intended for different user profiles. There are certificates issued in […]

Managing trusted certificates in Adobe Reader

When opening a signed PDF, Adobe Reader prompts “At least one signature requires validating” or “at least one signature has problems” in the signature panel and in the signature stamps (if any). This means that Adobe does not trust the Certificate Authority that issued the certificate, eg., FNMT Camerfirma, Firmaprofesional, AVANSI, etc) To solve this, […]

What is a Certificate Authority?

A Certificate Authority (CA) is a trusted entity responsible for issuing and revoking digital certificates used in electronic signature processes. Since the entry in force of the eIDAS regulation, the Certification Authority figure in the European Union has been replaced by the Qualified Services Provider (QSP). Besides these basic functions, a Certification Authority (QSP in […]

What Certification Authorities (CA) are supported by Viafirma?

In Europe Following the entry in force on 1st July 2016 of the Regulation (EU) No 910/2014, also known as the eIDAS Regulation (which established a legal framework for the European Union regarding the electronic signature), Viafirma is currently able to support any CA within the EU Trusted List. At this link you can see […]

Is it possible to eSign a document without using digital certificates?

Yes. You are able to eSign a document using biometric or digitized signatures, knowing full legal support. Digitized or biometric signatures are handwritten eSignatures that do not require the use of certificates but a device that is able to capture a wealth of biometric data from the signatory. If we do not have a specific […]

Does the added evidence of signature change the PDF content?

The evidence of signature, also known as stamper, seal, SVC (secure verification code) does NOT modify the content of the PDF because this is done according to the PDF signature standard This standard determines how and where these graphic representations ( or annotations depending on the PDF data dictionary) should be used, as well as […]

Can you use stampers to justify the refusal to sign a document?

Electronic signatures should NOT always reflect that something is good or positive, they can also be used to express a negative decision on something: Electronic voting: yes, no, abstentionMedical Consent: I consent, I do not consent, I revoke consentetc. Electronic voting: yes, no, abstention Medical Consent: I consent, I do not consent, I revoke consent […]

Exporting certificates and private keys on Firefox

To export personal certificates on Firefox 2.x or higher just follow these steps: Access the “Tools” menu, “Options”, “Advanced”, “Encryption”, “View Certificates” and select the tab “Your Certificates”. We chose the certificate and click on “Backup”. Enter the path and file name that contains the exported certificate. Insert the browser master password if set. Enter […]

How to install digital certificates in Viafirma Inbox app for iPhone?

In order to install our digital certificates in Viafirma Inbox app for iPhone we will use the transfer of files associated to Applications available in iTunes. As shown in the picture we only need to drag our Digital Certificate (.p12 or .pfx) to our Viafirma Inbox app. Remember that Viafirma Inbox app for iPhone is […]

How to install a digital certificate in macOS?

Follow these steps to install a digital certificate on any Mac computer: Double-click a digital certificate in software format (with .p12 or pfx file extension). The operating system will automatically launch the installation wizard. The Mac Keychain will start, an application in charge of managing our digital certificates (Keychain Access). Before continuing, tell the wizard […]

What is the difference between exporting a certificate with a private key or without one?

If the digital certificate you are exporting is for personal use, or a backup key, we must export it with a private key. The private key must remain under the absolute control of its owner. This feature allows an electronic signature to uniquely identify the signer. On the other hand, if the goal is to […]

CAdES (CMS Advanced Electronic Signature)

CAdES (CMS Advanced Electronic Signatures) it’s a set of database extensions signed with Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) suitable for the advanced electronic signature. While the CMS format is a CAdES-T (timestamp),a general framework to digitally sign documents like E-Mail (S / MIME) or PDF, CAdES specifies accurate data profiles signed with CMS to be used […]

Advanced electronic signature PAdES PDF

Learn more about PAdES PDF format to better understand the validity and integrity of eSignatures on PDFs

App blocked by JAVA security

There are times when we can find this message when using our centralized certificate in fortress. In such cases, Viafirma isn’t the blocked application but the one from the web portal. The reason for this blocking as described in the above message is that the system believes that the application from the web portal is […]

SERGAS – Servizo Galego de Saúde

Please contact the following email to solve any inquiries or incidents on how to use the eSignature on the SERGAS FIRMA (eSignature Platform) its a cross-sectional platform that provides the Galician Health System the possibility of eSigning and biometric authentication

FUNDAE Signature and authentication (Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo)

For any type of incident, we must contact the support service of the entity directly.Here you have some of the FUNDAE customer service lines:Customer Service: 902 183 183 Technical Support: 902 118 503Switchboard: 911 195 000 FUNDAE (Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo) uses Viafirma Platform both for signing a document and authentication […]

How to send documents stored in Dropbox as direct download links?

In order to send documents via Dropbox without appearing the preview so that the user has access to a direct download link, we only need to make a little change on the document link. Original Dropbox link: Link: We only have to change the last URL digit: in the “0” we place “1” instead. The […]

Electronic ID card (DNI electrónico in Spanish)- frequent questions

I cannot remember my Electronic ID card PIN. How can I change it or apply for a new one? When applying for an Electronic ID card, besides obtaining an information document a “blind envelope” is delivered containing a randomly assigned PIN. If we loose this envelope we are lost as we do not know our […]